Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to get a Discount on Paint

So I am painting my Living Room/Kitchen/Foyer and Hallway. I needed a lot of paint. So the Paint is $24 a can which works out to be about $150 total. I went to Lowes yesterday and they were running a special where you can get a $5 rebate on each can of paint you buy. That rebate ended yesterday, however they run this promotion about once every 6 weeks or so. So here is what I did:

6 cans of Paint x $24 = $144
-$5 on $25 Tru Value coupon found in Family Circle Magazine (competitor's coupon)
-$30 Rebate for buying Lowes paint
-$7.50 (the amount of rewards Discover Card is paying me to use their card to buy purchases for my home) This is part of their quarterly 5% back promo. YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THIS AT THEIR WEBSITE OR OVER THE PHONE.

Total discounts: $42.50
After all the discounts, I will wind up paying $101.50