Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Week's Double/Triple Coupon Events -- Bloom/Harris Teeter & Shoppers

I will be unable to participate in these events, because I will be visiting with my in-laws, but here are the details. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LOCAL AD. More and more, some of the stores have been participating and some have not.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles- All Week 6/24 - 6/30:
They will be doubling coupons with a face value of $1.98. In other words, a $1.50 coupon will become a $3 coupon. Harris Teeter, from what I understand, has become real strict on their coupon policy.

1) They will only double 20 coupons per day, per card - not transaction. So either get an extra card, or only plan to use 20 coupons a day.
2) They will only except one coupon for BOGO items, unlike many other stores.
3) They do not give overages.
4) They only double 3 of the same coupons.
5) They except internet printables, but not internet printables for free items.

Due to my trip, I will be unable to do any matchups for you, but this may make some good deals.

I believe Shoppers Food Warehouse will also have a coupon event, but because their ad has not come out at the time of this posting, I am unable to give you the details. Please check your ad.

Bloom Triples All Week 6/24 - 6/30:
1) Bloom excepts and triples IP's (although some select Blooms have given people trouble about this)
2) Bloom will triple 20 coupons per day. So far, as long as you close out one transaction, you can still do another transaction with the same card on the same day and still get your coupons to triple. I usually just ask and noone has turned me down yet.
3) The triple coupons with upto a face value of .99
4) Bloom triples upto the product's regular price
5) Bloom triples upto a products regular price even if the items is on sale. Last time Eggo Waffles were on sale for $1.75 and there were .75 coupons. Each box of Eggos gave .50 overages.

Bloom Matchups:
Chips Ahoy cookies BOGO (.55 coupons out there)
Hamburger helper BOGO (various coupons, here is a printable Coupons) That coupon should make it so you can get 3 for under $1, depending on the regular price.
Pilsbury brownie mix BOGO (there was a $1/2 coupon from a recent insert)
Smart Balance butter BOGO (print your $1 coupons here)
All laundry detergent BOGO ($1 All Small & Mighty Coupon)
Kraft bbq sauce BOGO (there are .75 coupons out there -- you should get overages)
BOGO oscar mayer weiners BOGO (Free Coupons from Mailer - get 2 free)
Wacky Mac (.75 coupon from smartsource.com) = FREE
Breyer's Disney Swirl Yogurt (.75) = .25
Daisy Sour Cream (.60 coupon) = FREE, or cheap
Mahatama Rice (.75/2) = 2 Free small packs
Bumble Bee Tuna Packs (.75 blinkie) = FREE
Betty Crocker Brownies (I think these might be on sale next week) (.75 coupon from smartsource.com)
Mentos Gum (.55) = FREE
Ortega Spice Packet (.75/2 coupon) = 2 FREE

How to Shop a Doubles or Triples Event:
1) Paper clip together all duplicate coupons
2) Pull the coupons you think you may use and put them in a seperate envelope
3) Go through the store coupon by coupon and determine whether you think it is a good buy or not
4) Put the coupons you do not plan to use in another envelope to refile later
5) Triples is overwelming sometimes, try to only shop for bargains during this trip and not for your regular list. If I am not getting a steal, I don't get it.
6) If you are doing seperate transactions, seperate both your items in your cart and place the coupons you will use for each transaction in seperate envelopes or paper clips, so you are ready at the register
7) Bring small bills, sometimes your order will come to $1 or under
8) Pay close attention at the register as they scan your coupons. Do not get distracted during this time. It is always better to catch an error now.
9) If your coupon's barcode starts with a 5, it will triple even if it says "Do Not Double or Triple". It will NOT triple if it starts with a 9. I had coupons from 2 different stores blinkie machines last time and didn't realize that some started with a 9 and some with a 5, so check your bar codes.

Food Lion Steals

The Produce $2/$5 FLIP (Food Lion Internet Printable) coupon is still the highlight this week. The way those types of coupons work is that the $5 amount is the pre-sale price. So if you buy something that is on sale for half price you could buy $2.50 worth at the sale price, use the coupon and walk out with $5 worth of produce for .50. Here are some picks for this week:

--2.6lbs of Peaches - $2.60 - $2 coupon = .60

--2 packages of Strawberries/black berries/rasberries - $4 - $2 = $2

--2.6 lbs of Zuccinni or squash - $3.35 - $2 = $1.35

Chips Ahoy is BOGO and there are .55 coupons out there, so you could get 2 for $2.79.

All Detergent is BOGO regularly $5.19, go here for $1 off Small & Mighty, print two and get 2 bottles for $3.19. There were also .40 coupons in a recent insert for All. In addition, there was a FLIP for free Clorox when you buy 2 All 2x (not the Small & Mighty) detergent. So if you had 2 - .40 coupons and the FLIP for Clorox, you could get all three products for $4.39. Figure out the deal that works best for you. You may want to do both.

Oscar Mayer Hotdogs are BOGO, if these include the all Beef kind and you ordered your coupon a couple of weeks back when I told you too, you could get 2 packages for free. There were also $1 off coupons in the Kraft Magazine, which would make them cheap. Don't get the Kraft Magazine? Go here and sign-up, its free.

Pillsbury Brownie Mix is BOGO, regular price is $1.97. I have a $1 off 2 insert coupon, so my price would be .97 for 2

Hamburger Helper is BOGO, regular price is $1.99. Use this .80 off of 3 and get 3 boxes for $2.19.

Kraft Barbeque Sauce will be BOGO again, regular price is $1.39. There are insert coupons out for either $1 off 2 or .75/1. Either way this makes it cheap. I just think the 26 bottles I have is enough right now. LOL

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This Week's Shopping List

Rumor has it that next weekend, there will be 3 stores offering special coupon events (doubles and triples). I will not be partaking this time, but I will try to at least let you know the details of the events when I have the details confirmed. The three stores are Harris Teeter, Bloom and Shoppers. My favorite is Bloom. They seem to have less rules and sometimes give overages.

To tide you over until then, here are few picks for shopping this week:

I did not even look at the produce deals, because Food Lion's coupon is still valid and that would make any produce a better deal there (see my Food Lion post for details).
--Hunt's Ketchup is .99, use the $1/2 coupon from a Sunday insert and get it for .50/each
--Ken's Marinades are BOGO, regular price is $2.89, use two of the $1/1 coupons from a Sunday insert and get 2 for .89
--Pepperidge Farms Goldfish are BOGO, regular price is $2.19. I don't have a coupon for these, but you don't see these on sale often.
--Utz Potato Chips are BOGO, regular price is $3.79. That just seems high to me. This is for a 10 oz bag. When did junk food get so expensive?
--Turkey Hill Ice Cream is $2.39, there was a coupon in one of the inserts for $1 off 1 Turkey Hill Dynamic Duo.

-- Soy Joy Money Maker-- you may or may not like Soy Joy, but it is a money maker and since my kids will eat most things, I will probably do this. The deal is buy 4 for $4 and get $4 ecbs (extra care bucks, basically money you can spend on anything at CVS), limit 4. So they are already free after ecbs. This means you could buy 16 for $16 and get $16 ecbs. There was a coupon a couple of weeks ago for bogo Soy Joys, so if you had 8 coupons, you could buy $16 for $8 and get $16 ecbs. There was also a $2 on 10 coupon, that you could use, if you don't have 8 bogo coupons. Here is a link for $1 off $5.
-- ATTENTION ROBIN, Star Bucks or Dunkin Donuts Coffee is $6.99. This deal may be decent with the $1.50 coupon from coupons.com. If you haven't already printed those coupons, then it is too late now.
--Aveeno Sunblock - buy $20, get $10 ecbs. Go to Aveeno.com to get $2 off 1 coupons (you can print 2), here is a link for $2 off Aveeno Suncare, and go here to get an assortment of coupons for the Aveeno Ageless line. These are on sale for $9 (so you would have to buy 3). This might be a good deal if you like this product. I think this is too much for sunscreen.

Rite Aid:
Rite Aid has a number of items BOGO this week. Nothing that I wanted. Remember their regular prices are inflated at drug stores, so you could get a good deal when combined with coupons, but beware. Also, there is a $5 off $25 coupon you can print on the coupon printer to the left of this post. GIVE THEM THAT COUPON FIRST, before any other coupons to get the best deal.
-- Lamisil is $9.99, get back $9 in Single Check Rebates (SCRs) = $1
--Skin Clinic Wart Remover $14.99, get $14.99 SCR = FREE
--Crest $2.69, get $2.69 SCR = FREE
--Suave Deodorant $1.99, get $1.49 SCR = .50
-- Ace Bandages $3.99 - $2 SCR = $1.99, select varieties

So here is a money making scenario for you:
1 Lamisil $9.99
1 Skin Clinic Wart Remover $14.99
1 Crest $2.69
Total = $27.67 + tax
- $5 coupon from the coupon printer to the left of this post
-$26.68 SCR
= 4.01 Money Maker!

Click here for details about Single Check Rebates.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unbelievable Produce Deals at Food Lion

People tell me all the time, "I don't clip coupons because they are for things I don't need". Well this week and next week, I will show you how to get some great deals on produce. Food Lion has a coupon out for $2 off of $5 of produce. Here is the thing about Food Lion that you might not know, when they have a coupon like that, the $5 amount is the pre-sale price. So if something is on sale for 1/2 price, you could get $2.50 worth of produce, subtract the $2 coupon and walk out of the store with $5 worth of produce for .50. Now with that being said, print several of these coupons and plan to go to the store several times during this promotion. Don't forget to ring up twice at one time to take advantage of this coupon. FYI, some cashiers will not accept this coupon in back to back transactions because it says one print, but I ususally just tell them that my Mom gave me her coupon because she couldn't use it. Also, it is good to learn what cashiers are willing to work with you and which ones are good to avoid. Some people don't like their job and are just not nice to begin with.

Produce: So here is the coupon and here are some scenarios:

--Peaches (some ads say nectarines, so they both may be on sale) regular price is $1.99 on sale for .99, buy 2.6lbs. Your total will be $2.58 - $2 coupon = .58 for 2.6lbs of peaches. I am going to look up how to freeze these and buy a lot.

--Cantelopes, regular price is $2.99, on sale for 2/$2 buy 2 for $3 - $2 coupon = $1 for 2

--Portibella Mushrooms, regular price $2.89, buy 2 for $3.98 - $2 coupon = $1.98

--Gala Apples, regular price $1.99, buy 2.6 lbs for 3.88 - $2 coupon = $1.88

--Lemons, regular price .79/each, buy 7 for $3.50 - $2 coupon = $1.50

Food Lion Private Brand Sale: This is the last week for the Food Lion private brand promotion. That is the promotion where you get $$$ of your next order catalinas equal to .25/1 Food Lion item, when you buy 4 or more Food Lion brand products. Here are some good picks for this week:

--Part of the coupon above was for Food Lion ice cream. This should work on Food Lion Sherbert too. Sherbert is around $1.69 (check and see what other frozen FL goodies there are).

--Don't forget about last week's pasta coupon which was for $1 off Food Lion pasta, some of which is on sale for .89, so you would make .11

-- Other good picks for this: Food Lion tomato sauce in the small cans, Food Lion biscuits, Food Lion gum (if you can find any), Food Lion canned beans. . .

-- The first coupon in this post, also had coupons for Food Lion bacon and Food Lion cheese. I am not sure how much the bacon was, but the Cheese is on sale for $1.99/each - $1 on 2 Food Lion coupon = $1.50 each

Other bargains:

--Smart Option pizzas (these are individual pizzas) are a Food Lion brand, but will not produce a catalina because they don't say "Food Lion", are on sale for $.79. Buy 3 at $2.37 - $1 coupon from last weeks coupons = $1.37 for 3. Voilla -- lunch for the kids!

--You can also use that coupon on the Food Lion brand pizza (like Digiorno). Buy 3 @3.50/each = $10.50 - $1 coupon = $9.50, earn .75 towards the Food Lion brand promotion.

FYI on Food Lion Triples:

There was a rumor floating around about Food Lion tripling coupons. It is happening this weekend, but only in a test area. The test area is in Southern central and western Virginia. Too far for me, but so glad they are testing this out. Anyway, I am hopeful that if all goes well, they will consider having this type of event at all the Food Lions in the future. Triples events are how I get a lot of items for free.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Discover Card Rewards -- Get upto $120 back on $500

I have talked about Discover Card Rewards before, but I am going to do it again, this time with some promo codes. First of all, there are many rewards credit cards out there, this is only one. I like discover card's promos, but you may find another you like better. I actually have other rewards credit cards in addition to Discover. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH PAYING CREDIT CARDS IN FULL EVERY MONTH.

1) First go to discover.com or call 1-800-210-9022 and apply for a credit card using one of these promo codes: DBPU, expires 7/5, DBPY, expires 7/5 or DBSC, expires 7/17. Those promo codes will earn you a $100 back if you spend $500 within the first 3 months. Maximize your rewards by signing up yourself and your spouse seperately (you can still get extra cards for one another). Unfortunately, due to Discover's new policies, if you have an open discover card account, you can not open a new one to take advantage of this offer.

2) Sign up for their quarterly bonus (July - September is gas rewards). Then use your card exclusively for gas rewards during that time period until you reach $500. You will then earn $100 for the sign-up promotion and $20 for the gas promotion.

3) Once you get your rewards, go online and redeem the $120 for gift cards to get more money. I redeem them for Lands End gift cards and it turns my $120 into $150. DO NOT REDEEM THEM BEFORE YOU ARE READY TO USE THEM. You can redeem them in $20 increments.

4) Since I redeem mine for Lands End gift cards, I then wait until they are offering free shipping (like now, use code JUNE12 and the PIN 00008226) and I exclusively shop their overstocks. I link to Lands End through Discovercard's site (you have to log into your Discover card account first) and earn 10% of that purchase back.

Today I ordered 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of corduroys for my daughter. After the $25 rewards from discover (which were virtually free to me), I paid only 3.31. I will get 10% back as rewards on my discover card. Depending on if they take the 10% before or after the $25 gift card, I will either earn .33 or $2.83. I am hoping for the $2.83. I know it is early to order for the fall, but I can return anything from Lands End to Sears at anytime. Lands End does not have a time limit on returns. So I will hold onto these and if they don't fit in September, I will return them to Sears.

I know this is confusing, but if you follow this, you will spend $500 on gas (something we all need) and get $120 back or $150 back if you cash them in for gift cards. That is a savings of 24% or 30% (depending on how you use your rewards). How else can you get a savings of 24%-30% on gas?

Digiorno Flat Bread Pizza for $1.25

This is only good for today, as I think it goes off sale tomorrow at Food Lion, but here is the deal:

Food Lion Digiorno on sale for $5.50 this week. Print the $1.25 coupon from the coupon printer to the left of this post. Print the $2 Food Lion coupon here. Using those coupons will bring your total down to $2.25 and a $1 Catalina on your next order coupon should print. Those catalinas just started printing yesterday.

While you are there, pick up 4 Food Lion Macarooni & Cheese's for .45 each and use this coupon for $1 off. They will come to $1.80 - $1 coupon = .80, get back a $1 catalina for your next order because you bought 4 Food Lion items.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This week's Shopping List


--Maxwell House Coffee is 5.99 for 34.5 oz, use the coupon from the coupon printer to the left of this post and get $2 off 2

--Aveno Buy $20 get $10 ecbs. If this is a product you use, this would be a good buy. Go here for ageless coupons. And go here for $2 off coupons.

--Schick Quatro $7.99 - $4 coupon from All You, get $3 ecbs, pay .99

--Sunglasses buy 2 get $10 ecbs. Prices starting at $5.99. If you can find 2 at 5.99 that you like, you would pay .99/each after ecbs


--Wisk is BOGO (it doesn't say the original price), but if you use 2 of the $1 off 1 from the coupon printer at the left of this post, you would be getting each one for less than half price.

--Kelloggs are 4/$10 and there were $1 coupons from last week's inserts.

--Produce -- Don't forget about the $2/$5 produce coupon. Print it several times and ring up your order in $5 increments (I usually use self scan for this). Strawberries - $1.50/lb, Peaches .99/lb, Pineapples $2.99/lb. If you buy a pineapple and $2.01 more of other produce use the $2 off coupon and the .50/1 pineapple coupon from the coupon printer at the left of this post, it should double and you can get all of that produce for $2.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lowes Kids Clinic and possibly $10 Lowes coupon

I have raved about Lowe's FREE Build & Grow Kids Clinic's several times. But tomorrow is the Father's Day project and I would say round up the neighborhood children for this one. Why? Because last year they gave us coupons for $10 off of a $50 purchase coupons per child. So I fully intend to take my 3 children to do this project and collect my $30 in coupons. I can not guarantee that they will be giving the coupons out again, but I say it is worth a shot. Go here to register.

It's Friday (in case you didn't know it) -- Get some Free Chocolate

Go here and register for your free chocolate. I just qualified for another one. You can get upto 4 per address, but only 1 per week. I have now gotten my limit.

Food Lion Deals

Don't forget that Food Lion is still giving catalina coupons when you buy at least 4 Food Lion items in one transaction. LOOK IN THE CARTS IN THE PARKING LOT FOR CATALINAS LEFT BEHIND. I have found nearly $10 worth of catalinas this week alone. Yippie!
I didn't find that many unbelieveable deals this week. With that said here are some coupons for you. Remember, when you get to the print que, select the number of copies you want before you hit the final print button. Otherwise you can not go back and print more copies to use in another transaction.
Digiorno Pizza is on sale for $5.50. There is a a $1.50 coupon for Digiorno Flatbread pizza (from a May smartsource insert). If you combine that coupon with this Food Lion coupon, you will get your pizza for $2. Without the insert coupon, you will still get your pizza for $3.50
Play this game for $1 off Food Lion pasta. Some of the pasta is .89, meaning that you should make .10 on this item. You should also try to combine this with 3 other food lion items so you can get a $1 catalina. Example: 1 Food Lion Pasta .89, 3 FL Macarooni & Cheeses .45/each = $2.24 - $1 pasta coupon = $1.24, get back $1 catalina. Now if you do that transaction again, you use both the $1 pasta coupon and the $1 catalina you just got and pay .24 and get back $1 catalina, and so on and so on.
$2.00/1 Stouffers Lasagna 38oz. or larger
$1.00/1 a half (1/2) gallon of any Food Lion Orange Juice or Juice Blends
$1.00/3 FL pizzasBuy any 'all 2x laundry detergent 60-100oz and get any (82-96oz) Clorox Bleach FREE (value up to $2.00)
$1.00 off Two (2) dozen Food Lion Egg
$1.00 off a half (1/2) gallon of any Food Lion Orange Juice or Juice Blends
$1.00 off Three (3) Food Lion Pizzas
Buy any 'all 2x laundry detergent 60-100oz and get any (82-96oz) Clorox Bleach FREE (value up to $2.00)
I am not sure, but I think if you use the $1 coupon for eggs, the eggs should also prompt a catalina, if you have a total of 4 food lion products.
If you still have the $2 Chicken coupon from last week's Food Lion post, you can still use it. The key here is to look for packages of Food Lion chicken tenders/breasts that are marked down for quick sale to under $3. Then you can get your chicken for under $1. That's not bad. Last week, I paid between .08-.45 per package of chicken. One of my dinners this past week was chicken (.15), biscuits (I had gotten for free a couple of weeks ago) and frozen brocolli (.78). That fed my family of 5 for under $1!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Martin's Deals

I am a little frustrated with Martins and was unable to see any good deals this week. I don't like their "new lower prices" campaign. However, after going back through their ad I did find a couple worth noting.

--Lysol Wipes are 3 for $5 (you must buy exactly 3 to get that price). If you have 3 $1 off coupons (from a Sunday insert a few weeks ago) this makes them .66/each.

--Reach Floss is on sale for $1. I have a $1 off coupon from a Sunday insert a few weeks ago, so these will be free.
If you are going to Martins, make sure you print off some of the produce coupons that I posted earlier this week.

$1 Printer Paper and $1 Photo Paper

Staples is having another great deal on paper.

--Hammermill Printer Paper (#122408)is on sale for $4.99 with a $3.99 easy rebate = $1/each. The limit is 2, in store only.

--Staples Photo Supreme (#564121) 50 count paper is on sale for $12.98 - $11.98 easy rebate = $1/each. The limit is 2, in store only.

One of the items on my children's school supply list this year is printer paper, so I will be able to mark that one off for real cheap.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS Deals (6/7 - 6/13)

All of the deals below can be made better by using the following resources, if you have them, for coupons:
--P&G Year in Savings booklet, this was a promotion in January.
--$30 Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet. I posted this a couple of weeks ago, you can still order one here.
--Today's P&G Newspaper Insert

Swiffer/Febreze Deals:

Buy $10 of Swiffer/Febreze products get $5 ecbs, limit 2. You can combine these with a number of coupons to make better deals. There are a number of coupons out for these products. Here are some printables. If you ordered your Home Made Simple $30 of coupons that I posted a couple of weeks back there are coupons in there too. There are also coupons in the P&G Year in Savings book, if you have that one.

Free Gillette Razor:

These are on sale for 7.99 - $4 coupon in todays paper = $3.99, get back $4 in ecbs

Dawn Dish Liquid:

On sale 2 for $2, get back $1 ecbs. There are .25 coupons in todays inserts, but there are also .50 coupons in the Home Made Simple $30 coupon book and in the P&G Year in Savings Book. If you have 2 - $.50 coupons these would be free after ecbs.


Always are 2 for $6, get $2 ecbs back. I have $1 off coupons from my P&G Year in Savings Booklet (part of a promotion in January). So they would be $1/each for me.

Colgate Toothbrushes:

Spend $10, get $5 in ecbs. Some people have .75 off Colgate Toothbrushes. I do not, but if you have 5 of those coupons you could get your toothbrushes for .25/each.

Martins Coupon

The Martin's ad has really stunk lately. They are doing this "New Lower Prices" crap and that is what it is -- crap. Anyway, they do have this nice $2 off $5 produce coupon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 pairs of Crocs for $9.99 shipped

I have not tried this yet. But this is what the deal is. This site is having a 50% off sale when you buy 2 or more pairs of shoes and their maryjane style crocs are on sale for 9.99. I was quick to post this to get it out for you, but I now understand that it is only this style that will come up with an additional 50% off.

Use this code for free shipping: MALINDI09

I would go now or they may discontinue the sale.

School Supplies Heads Up!

O.k. I know it is early to think about school supplies, but I want to give everyone a heads up. I received my kids' back to school supply list yesterday and already had half the items from my last year's stock pile of free or nearly free items.

So my point of this post is to tell you to not run out and buy school supplies now and not to buy them all at one time. In August and September, the deals will begin and every week different items will be free at CVS, Rite Aid and Staples (and other places too). So take your school supply list and consolidate them onto one sheet, if you have more than one kid. Then be ready to read my blog and find your deals. Last year, not including back packs, I was able to get all of my school supplies for my 2 school aged kids for about $5 combined! That is right only $5. Their backpacks were on clearance at the end of September for $6/each. I also had a $5 rebate for school supplies, so the back packs wound up costing $1/each (I sent one rebate to my mom's house).

Friday, June 5, 2009

Food Lion Highlights

This isn't as hot a week at Food Lion as the ones past, but there are still some noteable deals.
-- Food Lion's Private Label Sale: Until June 23rd, everytime you purchase 4 or more Food Lion products (not including fresh meats and deli items) in one transaction, you will get a Catalina coupon to use on your next transaction equal to .25/number of Food Lion items you purchased. For example, if you buy 4 you will get a $1 catalina, if you buy 5 you will get a $1.25 catalina and so on.
Here is a link from last week's coupons for $1 off Food Lion Peanut Butter and $1 off Food Lion Nuts. REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY PRINT ONE TIME FROM THIS LINK, but after you push print, you can select the number of copies that you want to print. Here is the scenario I did today:
1 Food Lion Peanut Butter - $1.89 - $1 coupon = .89
2 Food Lion individual bags of nuts .50/each - $1 Coupon = FREE
1 Food Lion Mac & Cheese .44
Total out of pocket = $1.33 and I got a $1 catalina
If you printed more than one copy of these coupons you can roll the $1 catalina and do the same transaction again, this time paying .33 and getting back $1 and so on. Another option is to just get 4 Food Lion Mac & Cheeses for .44/each = $1.78, get a $1 catalina. The possibilities are endless.
--Chicken: Play this game for a $2 off Food Lion Chicken breasts, tenders or wings. Again this is a great coupon. Print this one several times and then go and look for chicken tenders/breasts that are marked down for quick sale. It is good through 6/17. I found a package of 1.28lbs of Chicken today for $2.51. After the coupon I paid only .51 for this chicken. That is enough chicken for one dinner for my family. If I serve that with some of the rice I have stock piled, I have my whole dinner for well under $1 + the cost of whatever vegetable I am serving.
--Charcoal and Meat: Play this game for $3 off Kingsford Charcoal. Combine that coupon with this $6 off Pork coupon when you buy Kingsford Charcoal and one other product. I also have a rebate for $10 back when you buy 2 bags of Kingsford Charcoal and meat. I will do 2 different transactions so that I can use the Charcoal coupon twice. So I should be able to get 2 bags of charcoal, and 2 packages of pork for about $16 and get back $10.

Free Chocolate Friday

Don't forget today is Friday go here and register for your free chocolate. I just qualified for another one. You can get upto 4 per address, but only 1 per week.