Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UPDATE Sierra Mist $.21/2

If you read this post prior to this update, then you know I was directing you to go to CVS to get your Sierra Mist. Well my store was not running the sale on Sierra Mist, so I checked the price at Food Lion. They had them on sale for $1. Food Lion generally, takes off the pre-sale price when you have a bogo coupon. So for 2 bottles, I paid $2 (sales price) - $1.79 (the pre-sale price, which she put on the coupon) = $.21 for 2. Not bad. Actually a better deal than at CVS. FYI, as with all bricks coupons, you can print this coupon twice.

Food Lion Steals

Food Lion has some really good coupons out this week to matchup with their sales ad. Food Lion Internet Printable coupons (FLIPs) are valid for the pre-MVP price. For example if you have a produce coupon that says it is good for $1 off $5, the $5 amount is before the sales price. Remember to select the number of coupons you want in the print que before you press print for the final time. You can only use one of the same kind of FLIP per transaction, but you can use the same FLIP on a seperate trip to the grocery store. Here are some great deals for you:

--There are 2 different produce FLIP's this week. So you can stack them in the same purchase to get $2 off of $5.

and below EMSCAKES on made pdf's of several Food Lion FLIP's. The second one down is the other produce coupon:

I would combine those two coupons with the bogo potatoes to get 10 lbs of potatoes for $2. Or buy 2.6 lbs of red grapes (on sale for .99, regular price 1.99) for about .60

--Thomas English Muffins are BOGO this week. Combine it with the coupon here and get them for under a $1 (there is also a coupon there for eggo waffles, if you have manufacturer's coupons for those you might get them for cheap):

-- Blue Bunny Ice Cream is BOGO (reg. price $4.99), use the coupon found at to get them for $1.50/each.

-- Finally, do not do this one until 5/1 -- buy 4 Kraft BBQ sauces in one transaction (BOGO, regular price $1.39), pay $2.78, and get a $2 catalina coupon off your next order. That's right you will pay $.78 for 4 bottles. If you have coupons, this could be free or a money maker. The limit for bogo's is 4, so if you want to stock up, do seperate transactions. The catalina coupon will not print until 5/1/09.

Fire Up the Grill!!!

Need propane? If you exchange your tank with Blue Rhino, you can use this rebate for to receive $3 back. It is valid until 12/31/09, but can only be used once per address:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rite Aid Deals

This week starts a new month of rebates at Rite Aid. Here are 2 products that will be free after rebate:
1) Salt Aire Sinus and Allergy Relief $6.99 and send in for $6.99 SCR (single check rebate through Rite Aid)
2) Mini Drops Eye Therapy $6.49 and send in for $6.49 SCR. You can use this coupon to save an additional $1: (this purchase also counts towards the allergy gift card offer listed on page 4 of the monthly SCR booklet).
Another good rebate this week is Skintimate Shaving Cream ($2.24 SCR). However, I do not know the price of this product.
Also, if you get your total high enough you can sign up here to get this $5 off $25 coupon. ALWAYS GIVE THEM THIS COUPON FIRST, SO THAT THEY SCAN IT BEFORE YOUR TOTAL DROPS BELOW $25. If you have already signed up before, you can use a new e-mail account to get another coupon. Also, this coupon can be used on future visits and doesn't expire until 6/30, so print out a few extras. Warning: this prints 7 pages of in color coupons. After it printed my selected number of prints of the first page (the $5 coupon is on the first page), I canceled the print job in the print que.

CVS Highlights

CVS has a number of ECB offers this week. Some of which may be really good if they are for items you need/use. For example, on page 18, if you buy $20 of any of those products, you will get $10 in ECBS. You can combine that with coupons if you have them to make it an even sweeter deal. Since the combinations are endless, I will not put together scenarios on that offer, but please take time to read the ad this week as there are a few offers similar to that one.

Here are three free or nearly free after ECBS and coupons items that you may want to put on your list:

1) Crest Cavity, Tartar, or Baking Soda & Peroxide tooth paste 6.4 oz or Oral B Indicator $1.99 get back $1 ECB Limit 2 -- combine that with the $1 coupon from a recent insert and you have free tooth paste. If you are following my blog, you shouldn't be paying for tooth paste.

2) Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler $2.99 get back $2 ECB Limit 1 -- combine that with the $1 coupon from a January insert and you get free shampoo.

3) Schick Intuition Plus Razor $8.99 get back $4 in ECBS -- combine that with the $4 coupon from a recent insert and you will pay only .99 for a nice razor.

Frugal Outings

I have been busy, busy, busy lately, so I have had little time to write. Yesterday I took the kids to our local Health and Wellness Expo. Lots of vendors had booths set up for information. We were able to get lots of freebies including bicycle helmets, back rubs, rulers, pens, free breakfast, toys and coupons for a free ice cream cone at McDonalds. The kids got their faces painted, made some crafts and really enjoyed the electricity display that showed why you don't play with electricity.

While there I discovered the high school boosters club was holding a yard sale. I found 2 Ikea chairs (pictured above) that were perfect for my basement. I only paid $7. Since the canvas covers were white, I just removed them and washed them with bleach to get rid of any stains. I was so excited. We also bought my daughter a bike for $13.

After we left the expo, we cruised on over to Lowes to take part in their bi-monthly kids workshop called Build and Grow. If you didn't know it, it is free. It is a great chance for kids to learn to use hammers and to follow directions. Check it out at Home Depot has a similar program, but we do not have a Home Depot that is close to home.
When I got home and checked the mail I found a package from Vocal Point. They sent me a sample of Frosted Mini Wheats and a bunch of great coupons to go with it. Frosted Mini Wheats is one of my favorite cereals, so yeah for me. If you haven't signed up for Vocal Point yet, go here They send the best coupons.

Next week will be a busy week too. I will be going on two field trips with my kids and they get out early one day, so I may not get as much time to post. Have a great week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Freebie!

Go here and print your rebate for a free roll of Reynolds Wrap Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day Freebie Reminder-- Go today

If you didn't get your free bag last time, MOM I am talking to you :), then today to try again.

They are giving 10,000 away every week (starting on Mondays) in April, so if you don't get one today, go next week:
Disclaimer: I did not design the earth bound farms website. If you can't figure out how to make the pledge, it is not the fault of the poster of this deal. Nasty phone calls to the poster is strictly prohibited. By clicking on the above link, you are hereby agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer. He, he, he.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

CVS Deals and Steals!!!

Some Freebies this week:

-- Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals 4 ct $2 get $2 eb LIMIT 1

-- Edge Infused Comfort or Hydrate Shave Gel $2.89, get $2.89 eb limit 1

-- Tresemme 3/$10 get $5 eb wyb 3 Limit 2 -$1 tresemme 24-hour body and -$4 off $20 beauty purchase (exp 4/19) (this expires today, but they usually scan for 2 weeks after the expiration date) (wyb 6 tresemme 24-hour body)


Buy $25 in Aveeno Products and get back $10 ecbs. Buy 3 Aveeno Ageless sunscreen products at $9/each. Use this $10/3 Aveeno Ageless coupon and this CVS $4/20 coupon here (this expires today, but they usually scan for 2 weeks after the expiration date) $4 off $20 beauty purchase (exp 4/19)

So here is the breakdown:
3 x $9 = $27 - $10 coupon = $17 - $4 coupon= $13, get back $10 ecbs. The only thing is that these are smaller bottles of sunscreen (3-4oz), so it may not be worth your time, if you use a lot of sunscreen. You can also do this with other ageless products too.

Martin's Highlights 4/19-4/25

I am not going to be doing much shopping this week (since last week I cleaned up at Bloom/Shoppers), so this is only a quick overview just for you.
--Pork Loin $1.69/lb
--Tropicana 2/$5 (use 2 $1 off Trop 50 q's from insert a few weeks ago) = 2/$3 and you get a FREE shopping bag
--GE CFL light bulbs 4/$5 use $1 off coupon from here (you can print it twice): GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting: Change the World, Start with ENERGY STARand get them for .25/each. There is probably also a coupon in the inserts today, but I haven't checked them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

All this for $23!!!

It was really hard to get everying in a picture. But it is a total of 125 items. I shopped at 3 different Blooms (rang up 4 times) and Shoppers Food Warehouse. Yes this was full day trip, but I saved $246.81 and spent $25.21 (I got back $2 to spend on my next order which brings my total spent to $23.21). That is equal to getting a 90% discount. Since it is hard to see, here are some highlights:

15 - 4 count toilet paper rolls

14 - boxes of Macarooni & Cheese Crackers

8 - packages of yougurt multipacks

13 - various pasta products

4 boxes of Long Grain Rice

19 bottles of parmesean cheese

Also I got cereal, salad dressing, cheese, sour cream, cantelope, oranges, mustard and gum.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shoppers Food Warehouse Doubling $1 coupons (4/16-4/22)!

Shoppers is doubling $.50 - $1 coupons and are tripling coupons with a face value of upto .50 at these stores: Rolling Valley, Kingstown, Burke, Fairfax, Chantilly, Manassas, Sterling, Herndon, Leesburg, Gainesville, Centreville, Fredericksburg. Sorry Cheryl, Stafford is not included this time. There is no limit on the number of coupons you can use. THEY DO NOT TAKE INTERNET PRINTABLES. I wish they weren't at the same time as the Bloom Triples, but I guess, I can handle it.

Here are some highlights (all coupons mentioned are from recent inserts, unless stated otherwise):

There is an in ad coupon for free milk when you buy 4 Kelloggs (please read the coupon carefully to make sure you fullfil all the requirements). If you combine this with 4 doubled $1 coupons, this could make for a great deal.

--Hanover Beans .75 ($1/3) = .25 for all 3

--Johnsonville Sausage $3 ($1/2) = $2/package

--Tropicana OJ is $3, if this includes Trop 50 use the $1 coupon for $1/each
Produce specials:
Cantelopes .99
4 lbs Oranges $2.50
Bananas .39/lb

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bloom Triples Event 4/17-4/19!!!

I love Bloom Triples. I have done triples 3 times and never spent over $10. Each time I came home with bunches of stuff too. O.k. here are the rules. 1) Bloom will only triple coupons whose face value is under $1. So a $.75 coupon becomes $2.25, but a $1 coupon is always a $1. 2) Bloom's policy is to only allow you to triple 20 coupons per day. However, some people have been allowed to ring up twice in order to triple more than 20 in a day. This is a hit or miss thing. 3) In the past, Bloom will give you overages towards your other purchases. For example, if your item costs $2 and your coupons triple to $2.25, the extra .25 will go towards another item.

Here are some highlights:
Sargento Cheese $2.50 (.55/1 wine tags)
Land O Lakes Butter Quarters & spreadable Butter $2.50 (.50 coupon from Sunday Insert)
Breyers Yo Crunch $2.50 (.75 coupons from inserts)
Cocoa Puffs is BOGO (.75 coupon from

Other great coupons that I can think of to use this time:
Sunday Insert coupons:
.60 Daisy Sour Cream

.75/1 Uncle Ben's Rice
.50 Barilla Pasta

.75 Breyer's Swirled Yogurt
.55 Macaroni & Cheese Crackers (tear pad)
.55 Pam Spray
.60 Bisquick
.75 French's French Fried Onions
.55 Hefty
.55 Ziplock coupons:
.50 Wacky Mac (FREE)
.75 No Yolks coupon
.75 Allure Coupon
.55 Land O Lakes coupon
.75 Halls Coupons (FREE) coupons:
.55 Betty Crocker icing coupon
.75 Cocoa Puffs coupon

How to prepare for a triples event:
1) First of all, don't go there to stock up on anything but things you are getting for dirt cheap. If you need bananas, then get them, but don't stock up on 20 packages of toilet paper, if you don't have great coupons to match with it. I don't make this my weekly trip, but an extra trip, on which I only use coupons.

2) Go through your coupons before you leave the house and pull any that have a face value of under $1 that you think might make that item an unbelieveable steal. Put the pulled coupons into an envelope marked "Bloom".

3) If you have multiples of the same coupon, paper clip them together.

4) When you get to the store, go through your "Bloom" envelope and shop item by item. If the coupon will make that item free or super cheap get it. As you put items in your cart, have another envelope to put the coupons in for the items you are actually buying. Move the coupons that you are not going to use to the back of the Bloom envelope until you have gone through all of the coupons. When you get home, refile the coupons you didn't use.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Earth Day Freebies --- GO NOW!!!

I have tried for the last 3 weeks to get the free Earth Bound Farms Grocery bag. I finally got one. They are giving 10,000 away every week (starting on Mondays), so if you don't get one today, go next week:

Reynolds Wrap Freebie -- go here and sign up for a reminder e-mail:

There may be more Earthday Freebies popping up, but I wanted to make sure everyone got in on the Earth Bound Farms bag. By the way, when you take the Earth Bound Farms pledge (to get the bag), you don't have to pledge yes to everything in order to get the bag.

I am off to the Zoo today for our last day of Spring break. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

CVS Moneymakers!!!!

CVS has 2 moneymakers this week:

--Soft Soap Body Wash is selling for $4.99 and you get back $4.99 ecbs, limit 1. If you have a $1 off coupon, you will make $1 on this transaction

Some people have said that this is giving $4.49 in ecbs. Make sure to check your receipt and let the cashier know if you get the wrong amount.

--Colgate Enamel Protect, Sensitive Whitening Tooth Paste is selling for $3.99 and you will get back $3.99 in ecbs, limit 2. If you have a $1 or .75 coupon you will make money on this too. Or you can print your coupon here:

Martins Highlights (4/12 -4/19)!!!

-- Grapes are .99/lb if you pair that with the produce coupon below ($2/$5), you're getting a great bargain.

$2 off $5 produce (expires 4/15):

--London Broil is on sale for $1.79/lb, combine that with either of the coupons below (they may even be stackable - not sure yet), for an awsome deal:

$2 off $5 meat purchase:

$5 meat purchase (this Q expires 3 days after the one above)

--Martin's brand cheese is $1.33/each

--Barilla Pasta is on sale for $1.09 this week. If you have .50/1 picollini coupon from the sunday inserts a couple of weeks ago, this would be .09/each.

--Barilla Pasta Sauce is $1.89. If you have the $.55 coupon from a couple of weeks ago, this would be $.89/each.

Last week, Martin's had $1 doublers. The problem is that it seems that they are hard to come by anymore. My friend Angela, told me that she went to get the Post Trail Mix cereal and it was gone. So she asked if she could use the coupon on another Post cereal and they said sure. Then she complimented them on their customer service and said she wasn't able to get any dollar doublers. So they doubled her coupons without the doublers. So it pays to be curtious and to ask for what you want. A lot of times you will get it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All this for 28 Cents!!!!

Food Lion has tear pad coupons for $1 off Food Lion Sugar when you buy 5 packets of Kool Aid. If these aren't out at your store, ask the service desk for some. This week 5 Packets of Kool Aid will cost you $.50. Tonight I bought 2 - 16 oz packages of Food Lion brown sugar (.89/each) and 5 Kool Aid Packets and used the coupon below ($1/2 Food Lion Brown Sugars) and 1 $1 tear pad coupon and there were no problems or beeps with the coupons. So here was the breakdown:
2 - Brown Sugars 1.78 +
5 - Kool Aid Packets .50 = $2.28 - $1 tear pad coupon - $1 Food Lion coupon below = .28 out of pocket

Here is the $1/2 brown sugar coupon:

You can also do this with the Food Lion white sugar, but you can't use the printable coupon above and it will look like this:
1 - 5lb White Sugar $1.49
5 packets of Kool Aid $.50 = $1.99 - $1 tear pad coupon = $.99

One more update -- apparently, Food Lion is not participating in the buy 3 Kelloggs and get a Milk Catalina program. So if you have coupons for Kelloggs, this is still a good buy, but you will not get a catalina for a gallon of milk, as I stated in my earlier Food Lion post.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free Ketchup and More!!!

I thought I was done posting this morning, but I found this and I didn't want you to miss out.

Go here and get coupons mailed to you. One is for a 24 oz bottle of Hunts Ketchup:

Free Crest Pro-Health:

Free Gillette Body Wash (I already have 15 bottles):

Free Miley Cyrus Poster (First 15,000):
enter code: 5R!GP#U

9 -- MP3 Downloadable Free Kids Books on Tape. Scroll down to the lower left-hand corner under "Free Downloads for Childrens Literacy". I thought these might be good for those long summer car trips.

Martins/Post Cereal Deal!!!

I just found this deal. This week if you buy 4 post cereals you get $4 off your current order, plus you get a catalina for $4 off your next order. Here is a link to print a coupon for $2 off Post Trail Mix Cereal. It allowed me to print it 3 times and I have already printed it before:

So depending on how many times you can print it, you could get very cheap or free cereal. You must buy 4 cereals for this to work.

Also, FYI, some Martin's Flyers are offering dollar doublers this week.

Food Lion Match-ups (4/8-4/21)

--Kelloggs is BOGO (limit is 4 total, 2 free), there are various coupons out there. If you are lucky enough to still have the $1/1 coupons from the blinkie machines, then you should be able to get 4 for around $3 and (If you do it by 4/12, you should still get a catalina coupon for 1 gallon of milk for free)

--Stove Top Stuffing is $1.25, I have listed some Food Lion printables below. One is for $1/2, so they would be $.75/each.

--Kraft Cheese is 3/$5. Use the Food Lion coupon below for $1.33/each

-- Ball Park Franks are BOGO, combine the Food Lion Coupon below with 2 of the $1/1 coupon Ball Park Franks coupons (hurry this coupon expires on the 13th) from a recent Sunday insert for 2 packages for $.72

--Kraft Salad Dressing is on sale for $1.66 - $1.50 coupon from a recent Sunday insert = .16/each (it is cheaper at Walmart)

Food Lion Coupons (remember to select the number of coupons you want in the print que before you hit print the second time):

$1.00 off Two (2) boxes of Stove Top Stuffing
$1.00 off Two (2) packages Food Lion Brown Sugar (Light or Dark)
$1.00 off Two (2) packages of Ball Park Franks
$1.00 off any On The Go Bistro Side Dish

$1/3 Kraft Cheese
$1/2 FL Cookies
$1/2 FL Chips
$1/1 12 pk or 2 2-Liters of DR. Pepper

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 pairs of Yoga Pants, 1 Vest and 1 Bathing Suit for $9.80 SHIPPED

I am going to teach you how I get my daughter's clothes for next to nothing. I have 2 Discover Cards (one is in my name and one is in my husbands) and Discover gives you cashback. Every quarter they give you 5% of upto $400 in purchases (which equals $20) for using your Discover Card in certain categories (right now it is for Home Improvement and Fashion -- next is for gas purchases and in the Fall it is for grocery purchases). So here is how it works. I use my discover card and earn 5% cashback money. Once it accrues to $20 you can cash it in. If you choose to cash it in for a gift certificate (i.e. Lands End for me) you get extra money. So today I cashed in $40 for a $50 Lands End gift certificate. Keep in mind this is not money out of my pocket. I did this today because Lands End is offering free shipping. In addition, I always shop their overstock department for the best deals. So my total was $69.80 - $10 free shipping - $50 gift certificate = $9.80 out of pocket.
Now if you don't already have a Discover Card and want to sign up, make sure you do it during a bonus offer period. I applied for my second card last summer when they were offering a spend $500 in the first 3 months and get $100 bonus. I coupled that with the gas rewards and walked away spending $500 on gas (something we used anyway) and getting back $120 in rewards. As of right now, I can not find any sign-up bonuses for Discover, but as soon as I do I will post them. The key here is to think how you can make credit cards work for you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Martin's and Giant Store Coupons:

I found some more Martin's and Giant Coupons. I am going to post all of the current ones that I know of:

GIANT$2 off $5 bakery: $2 off $5 produce: $2 off $5 meat purchase: .50 off 1 dozan Giant large eggs
$2 off $5 meat purchase (this Q expires 3 days after the one above)

$2 off $5 bakery:$2 off $5 produce: $2 off $5 meat purchase:
.50 off 1 dozan Giant large eggs
$2 off $5 meat purchase (this Q expires 3 days after the one above)

CVS Highlights (4/5 - 4/11)

Two Day Sale (Sunday & Monday Only):
--Easter Baskets $1.99, get back $1.99 in ECBS = FREE, limit 2
--Easter Grass $.79, get back $.79 in ECBS = FREE, limit 2
All Week long Sale:
--Skintimate Shave Cream $3.49 - $3.49 ECB (Limit 1)Free after ECB
--Schick Intuition Plus razor or cartridges BOGO Free (reg. 9.99) Use 2 $4 Schick Intuition or Intuition Plus Razor or Refill found in SmartSource 3/22/09 = .99 each after coupon
--Colgate MaxWhite or MaxFresh 4.6 - 6 oz $2.99 - $2.00 ECB (Limit 1) Use $1 on any Colgate Toothpaste (exp. 4/18/09) coupon = Free after ECB & $1 coupon
--Excederin Express Gels 20 ct $1.99 -$2 off Excedrin Express Gels coupon found here: = Free
--Pringles $.88, use $1 off 2 full size cans coupon from 3/15/09 P&G Insert OR $1 off any 1 Pringles Product (P&G q book sent when you spent $50 in p&g products) = $0.38 each or Free
--Covergirl $10 ECB wyb $20 (Limit 1)
Some People have gotten a CVS Coupon (either on their receipt, or printed from the price scan machine) for $10 off $20 purchase, if you use coupons from P&G inserts, this could be a money maker or at least free.
--Spend $25 on get $10 ECB Limit 1 (Huggies, Playtex cups, J&J Baby Wash see the ad for a complete list of qualifing items)
This is a great offer for someone with a baby. If you printed those $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care coupons a couple of weeks ago (I posted about those coupons earlier), you could be talking nearly free diapers. For example, 3 packages of diapers $30 - $15 (3 - $5 coupons) = $15 out of pocket, get back $10 in ECBS.

Friday, April 3, 2009

$8 CVS Money Maker!!!

This deal is an April CVS deal. So you can do this anytime in April:

Get $4 ECB WYB Natural Dentist Healthy gums rinse 16oz $6.99 limit 3
Buy 2 and use 2 of these coupons: $2.00 off coupon

Then send in for this $10 rebate: $10.00 Rebate

6.99 + 6.99 = 13.98 - $4 (2 $2 coupons) - $8 ECBS - $10 rebate = $8.02 profit

Furry Friend Freebies!!!

Free Greenies for dogs:

Another Rachel Ray Dog Food Freebie (my dogs love this stuff):

White's Premium Sample:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Martin's Coupons

Here is a coupon for $2 off $5 of meat 4/1-4/18:

I am mad, because I would have used that today when I got over 30 lbs of meat.

Here is one for $.50 off Eggs:

Cheryl -- This one's for You!!!!

Shoppers Food Warehouse is doubling coupons upto and including $1 (4/2 - 4/5). I am not going, but here are some highlights:

--Zone Perfect Bars are 10/$10. Use the $0.55/1 coupon (03/01 SS) to make them FREE!
--Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwiches are 10/$10. Use the $1/1 coupon from the 02/18 SS to make them FREE!
--McCormick food coloring is $2.99 (assorted or neon colors). Use the $1/1 coupon from the 03/15 RP insert to make it just $0.99! Or, get the advertised 2/$4 McCormick seasoning grinders for FREE!
--Dole Pineapple is 10/$10. Use the $0.75/2 any Dole canned fruit (02/01 SS) to get the pineapple for $0.25/can!
--Domino 1 lb. boxes of Light Brown, Dark Brown, or 10x Confectioner's Sugar are 10/$10. Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 03/15 SS insert to make them FREE!
--Betty Crocker Frosting is 2/$3. Use the $0.50/1 from the 02/08 General Mills supplement to get the frosting FREE!
--Zatarain's Rice side dishes are 10/$10. Use the $0.75/2 coupon from the 02/08 Red Plum insert to get these for just $0.25 each!
--Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunch Meats are 2/$7. Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 02/22 Red Plum to make them $2.40 each. When you buy two, you can probably use the Shopper's Food Warehouse weekly ad coupon (a manufacturer coupon) for buy two Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeats, and get a Lay's Potato Chips (10.5-11 oz bag!) FREE!
--Post cereals are 2/$4, no limits. There was a coupon for $1/2 Post Cereals in the 03/08 SmartSource insert - a manufacturer coupon. There is a Shopper's Food Warehouse coupon in their ad for the coming week for $1 off two (exp. 04/08/09). If they let you stack these coupons, you can get two boxes for .50/each

Look and see what else you can find.

Spent $50, Saved $93 (Martins)!!!!

It was hard taking a picture so that you could see everything, but this shopping trip included enough meat (3 chickens, 1 - 8lb pork loin, 2 hams) for at least 16 dinners for my family of 5 (probably more) and enough milk (5 gallons), potatoes (10 lbs) and pasta (2 boxes) for 1 week. Not to mention other items. Here are some highlights:
-- Barilla Piccolini pasta $1.09 - .50 coupon (doubled from this past week's inserts = $.09
--Halls Cough drops $.99 - $1 coupon from this past week's inserts and .50 coupon (doubled) found on in-store display = FREE
--Macarooni & Cheese Crackers .99 - .55 coupon (thanks Mom - tear pad found earlier in another store) (doubled) = FREE
-- Lysol $2 - .50 coupon (doubled) from this past week's inserts = $1
--Pineapple $2.99 - .75 coupon printed from (doubled) = 1.99
-- Free Salad Dressing - store mailer coupon
-- Free Salad - store mailer coupon

I also had some extra coupons that I couldn't use before they expired and I gave them to the lady next to me (she had 2 shopping carts worth of stuff) and it saved her about $7.50.

FREE People Magazine's 2009 Yearbook!!!!

Go get your free copy of People Magazine's 2009 Yearbook. If you don't want it, it might make a nice gift or addition to a gift.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food Lion Highlights (4/1 - 4/7)

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT if you want more than one copy of the Food Lion coupons, that you select the number of prints you need in the print que)

2 Day Sale Only (Friday and Saturday):
These are all limit 4. If you want more than 4 ring up in seperate transactions.

Duncan Hines Cake Mix or Brownie Mix .79 - $1/3 coupon from this past Sunday's paper = $.46/each

Blue Bunny Ice Cream $1.99 - $1 coupon found here: = .99/each (you can print this coupon as many times as you want to (just select the number of copies you want in the print que) and it doesn't expire until 5/31.

All Week Long Sale:
Food Lion Chunk/shredded Cheese 3/$5 - $1/3 coupon = $1.33/each
or Food Lion Cream Cheese 5/$5 - $1/3 = .66/each

Nilla Waffers BOGO (reg. $3.99) - $1/1 coupon found below = .99 and
Kraft Singles 3/$5 - $1/3 coupon found below = $1.33/each

Some people are claiming that they found tear pad coupons at Food Lion near the bananas and some have claimed they found them near the Nilla Wafers for free bananas when you buy Nilla Wafers (upto .55).

93% Ground Beef is on sale for $3.19/lb (reg. $4.59/lb) below is a Food Lion Coupon for $1/$5 of beef. Here is the thing, the $5 minimum is regular price. So if you are able to get 1.1 lbs or more at this price (ad says it is for value packs) and subtract $1 on $5 coupon, you can get it for $2.28/lb. That is the best deal on 93% ground beef that I have found lately.