Thursday, April 9, 2009

All this for 28 Cents!!!!

Food Lion has tear pad coupons for $1 off Food Lion Sugar when you buy 5 packets of Kool Aid. If these aren't out at your store, ask the service desk for some. This week 5 Packets of Kool Aid will cost you $.50. Tonight I bought 2 - 16 oz packages of Food Lion brown sugar (.89/each) and 5 Kool Aid Packets and used the coupon below ($1/2 Food Lion Brown Sugars) and 1 $1 tear pad coupon and there were no problems or beeps with the coupons. So here was the breakdown:
2 - Brown Sugars 1.78 +
5 - Kool Aid Packets .50 = $2.28 - $1 tear pad coupon - $1 Food Lion coupon below = .28 out of pocket

Here is the $1/2 brown sugar coupon:

You can also do this with the Food Lion white sugar, but you can't use the printable coupon above and it will look like this:
1 - 5lb White Sugar $1.49
5 packets of Kool Aid $.50 = $1.99 - $1 tear pad coupon = $.99

One more update -- apparently, Food Lion is not participating in the buy 3 Kelloggs and get a Milk Catalina program. So if you have coupons for Kelloggs, this is still a good buy, but you will not get a catalina for a gallon of milk, as I stated in my earlier Food Lion post.

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