Friday, November 27, 2009

Free Batteries!

Who Can't resist free batteries especially at this time of the year? Staples has a deal where if you buy a 20 pack of Duracell Batteries for $12.99 and use your Rewards Card, you will get $12.99 back in your quarterly rewards check. Your quarterly rewards check can be used to buy anything in the store. Limit is two per week. I just bought 2 today but this deal is available next week too. BUT IT GETS BETTER, if you have the $1 off Duracell batteries coupons from the recent P&G insert, then you can make a buck per 20 pack. That should at least cover the tax. I had a $19 rewards check to spend today, so my transaction looked like this:

$26 (2 packs of batteries)
-$19 Rewards check
-$2 (2 - $1 Duracell coupons)
-$5 Out of pocket for 40 batteries. I will now get $26 back on my next quarterly check.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is Guitar Hero or Ninetendo DSi on your list?

Guitar Hero:

If you buy qualifying Guitar Hero products from Amazon, go here for a complete list, you will get a $40 Amazon credit to use another time.

DSi deals:
Go here to order a DSi for $154.99 instead of $169.99

Or while supplies last on Black Friday, Target will have them for $169.99 and you get a $20 Target Giftcard.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Swaggin got me almost $20!!!!

I have written about this before, but I am telling you it is really easy money. I signed up for Swagbucks maybe 9 months ago and I have earned $15 in Amazon money and almost another $5. Once you sign-up, you just install a swagbucks tool bar and do your searches through swagbucks instead of google. It's that simple. My Christmas Shopping list is $15 cheaper just by making this small change. Check it out here:

Search & Win

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buy a $25 I-Tunes, get a $5 On Your Next Purchase Coupon

K-Mart has a deal right now that when you buy a $25 I-Tunes gift card you will get a $5 coupon for your next purchase. You can use the $5 coupon towards your next purchase of another $25 I-Tunes gift card and another $5 coupon will print. MAKE SURE YOU GO TO A REGISTER THAT HAS A WORKING CATALINA MACHINE (THAT THING THAT SPITS OUT COUPONS).

I have no idea how long this deal will last, so I would hurry in.

FREE $10 for your change at Coinstar

This ends on 12/6 -- so hurry. FIRST OF ALL YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL OF THE RULES EXACTLY. So go here and read them carefully.

Here's how it works:

1) Take $40 in change to a coinstar location. I personally count my money first to make sure I have the right amount. Sounds counter productive, but I am going for the free $10 not the counting service. Take a little extra in case you miscount -- also sometimes these machines aren't perfect. LOAD THE MONEY SLOWLY.

2) In order to get the $10 extra bucks you must load the $40 onto a gift card or e-certificate. Here is a list of choices for gift cards. I like the Lowes one (you can use it to buy your Christmas Tree) or CVS is always good too.

3) Your extra $10 comes 6-8 weeks later in the form of a gift card from the place you chose before. So you don't get this money right away. YOU MUST FILL OUT YOUR CLAIM FORM THAT IS ON YOUR RECEIPT AND SEND IT IN TO GET THE $10.

4) No change? No problem. You can go to the bank and ask for 4 rolls of quarters.

Rite Aid Coupons

New $3 off $15 Rite Aid Coupon only good this week.

$5 off $25

Always give them the Rite Aid coupon first so that your total is high enough to qualify. Then give them your manufacturer's coupons.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food Lion Deals 11/18 - 12/2

This ad runs for 2 weeks.

Turkeys - .47 lb -- $35 minimum purchase
If these turkeys are Butterballs then use this coupon $2 IP at
The limit on the turkeys is 2 and you can print 2 coupons. So, if these are Butterballs, then I am planning on getting my order to $35 and buying 2 Turkeys to throw in the freezer for later this winter

Bryers BOGO reg. $4.99
.75/1 insert coupon
$1.50 on 2 insert coupon

Stove Top Stuffing BOGO reg. $1.81
Buy 4 get 1 Free tear pad

Del Monte Veggies $.50
$1 on $5 Food Lion Booklet coupon (has an ear of corn on the front)
$1 on 8 - 11/15 insert coupon

Ritz BOGO reg. $3.99
$1 on 1 - 11/8 insert coupon
$1 on 2 Jingle through the Holidays Booklet
Buy any 1 Ritz Crackers 13.66 oz -16 oz get 1 Crackerfuls filled crackers 6 oz or larger FREE x11/30/09
$10 Rebate wyb 10 in the Jingle through the Holidays Booklet

Mrs. Smiths/Edwards Pies BOGO, reg. $5.39
$1 on 1 from 11/15 insert
$.75 on 1 insert coupon

Coffee Mate Creamer BOGO
.50 insert coupon.75 catalina

Jello Gelatins 2/$1
$1.25 on 3 Tear pad -- makes this .25 for 3

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls - $1.66
$1 on 1 Tear Pad

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Martins -- FREE Veggies -- FREE Crackers

O.k. I haven't shopped much at Martins because their employees are anti-coupon. This week they have $1 doublers in their ad. Thing is none of the ads at the store have them. So I spoke with Doug Anders (store manager) about this. I explained to him that if he was not interested in accomodating couponers then I would just keep giving my business to Food Lion. He was completely helpful. So here is what he told me:

1) We can print the doublers from their online ad and bring them (only 4 per transaction). They will have to manually enter them because the bar code does not print large enough.

2) The $15 minimum mentioned on many of their coupons is after store discounts (card scanned) and before tax, but BEFORE manufacturer coupons. This is so not the story I always got from the cashiers. So as long as your order after you scan your bonus card is above $15 not including tax, you qualify.

So here are just a couple of great finds with the doublers:

Ritz Crackers are 3 for $6. MUST BUY EXACTLY 3 - $1 coupon doubled from 11/8 Smart Source insert = FREE, if you found the Jingle in your Holiday's booklet at Food Lion, then these will go towards the buy 10, get $10 back rebate too.

Kraft Shredded Cheese - $1.66 - $1 on 2 insert coupon doubled (expires after Wednesday) = .66 each

Crisco Oil - $2.69 - $1 on 1 coupon doubled from 11/8 Red Plum insert = .69 for Crisco Oil

Some Kelloggs Cereal 4 for $8 MUST BUY 4-- don't know what coupons are out for these, but if you have some $1 coupons these become free or cheap.

Giant Steamfresh Veggies are on sale for $1 - $1 printable coupon = FREE -- this coupon states you must have a $15 minimum

Don't forget about looking to see what meat you can get with a bargain with $2 off $5 printable coupon either.

Printable $1 Veggie and $2 Meat Coupon -- sometimes they take this coupon down before it expires so print as many as you want now. ONLY ONE PER TRANSACTIONS PLEASE.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I did 4 transactions. On my last order I was supposed to get a $15 catalina coupon for my next order and it didn't print. Had that printed you would have seen 5 gallons of milk added to this.
Here's my breakdown:Spent: $29.15
Saved: $269.05
Here's what I got:
3 Pineapples
2 bags of apples
4 Marzetti Carmel dips
2 Taco Shells
7 Yakisobo Noodles
4 Sour Creams10 Chex Mixes
12 BC Cookie Mixes
5 Krusteaz Cornbread mixes
15 Starkist Tunas
7 Steamfresh Veggies
28 Mahatma Rices
1 Mahatma brown rice
16 gums2 refried beans
6 cans of tomatoes
4 Worshester sauces
2 Eggs
4 Reach Flosses
4 Little Debbie Snack Cakes
4 Brownie Mixes
2 Flours
4 boxed Potatoes
1 Soy Sauce
2 Cooking Wines
2 Cheerios
2 Cheezits
16 Icings
2 Bread Crumbs
I think that is it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

$15 Free from Kodak -- HURRY!

O.k. Kodak is giving away $15 gift certificates go here to get yours. They expire on 11/17 and I am not sure if we will have to pay for shipping, so you will have to act fast once you get your code. You can use the $15 towards Christmas presents or I am really behind on photos, so I may do that (.09 each) -- that's more than 150 photos, so that will help me get caught up. But you better hurry!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Making the Most of your Staples Reward Check

I received my quarterly Staples Rewards Check a few days ago in the mail. Mine was $19.77 this time mostly because of the "free" back pack promo they had in August. Next week they will be having a $1 Sale. Here is how you can turn your Rewards Check into Cash:

Sales Ad for 11/8 - 11/14:
Photo Paper $9.99 - 8.99 easy rebate = $1 (limit 2)
Printer Paper $4.99 - $3.99 easy rebate = $1 (limit 2)

For me I could do this:
1 Photo Paper - $9.99
2 Printer Papers - $9.98
Subtotal = $19.97 - $19.77 (rewards check) = .20+ tax, get back $16.97 in easy rebates

However, I am going to use it this way instead:
2 Printer Papers = $9.98 (think Christmas newsletter and printing coupons)
1 Book of Stamps = $8.80 (this is a hard item to get a discount on)
1 Package of Colored Pencils = $1
Subtotal = $19.78 - $19.77 (rewards check) = .01 + tax, get back $7.98 in easy rebates

That makes it possible for me to get a discount on stamps, which is hard to do.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

$2 off $5 Meat at Martins & Some Triples Events

Food Lion's ad stinks as far as I am concerned this week. But here are a few other goodies for you:

Martins: Here is a $2 off $5 Meat and $1 off Giant Steam Fresh Veggies coupon. I so needed this because all we have in the freezer is chicken. So time to stock up on some other meats. You can print these as many times as you want to and they are valid until 11/21.

Shoppers Food Warehouse: Starting Thursday, November 5th Shoppers is Tripling. Woo Hoo. They haven't tripled in so long. Anyhow, they are tripling coupons upto .99, so a .75 coupon becomes $2.25. There is not limit on how many coupons you can use, but you can only use 4 coupons of a kind. Of course, if you have more than 4, you can probably break them into seperate transactions. If I find any must haves tomorrow when I review their ad, I will let you know.

Harris Teeter: Starting today, they are tripling coupons. They only allow you to triple your first 20 coupons per address, per day. Their cards are linked to your address. If you have more than one card for the same address, your second set of coupons will not triple. They will only take 3 coupons of the same kind and only 2 internet printables of the same kind. If you have coupons for $1 or more, put those at the end. The computer only considers tripling the first 20 coupons.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CVS $5 off $20 Coupon

O.k. this is a hard one to explain how to get. First go here. Then wait for the banner to come up at the top of the screen. If it is not a banner for CVS that says it is for a $5 coupon, then hit refresh (that is the button in your browser with 2 arrows that are green) until you get the CVS banner with the $5 coupon. DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING ONCE IT COMES UP. Just run your mouse over top of the banner until it peels away the 4 stickies. At the bottom there is a button labeled "print coupon now". Only click on that. You can only print one. These are individually numbered, so if you copy it or make it into a pdf, the second one will beep. That coupon is good until 12/31. I would probably reserve that coupon for Black Friday or December ecb deals.
Then if you want a coupon you should use now. Go here and you can get a $5 off $30 coupon that is valid for 2 weeks.
Get the most bang for your buck at CVS -- Hand them the store coupon first once you have met your minimum on the coupon ($20 or $30), then give them your manufacturer's coupons and ecbs.

Wii Games Steal and Target Toy Coupons!

Target has Wii games Buy 2 get 1 free this week. But first go here and find the $10 off 2 Wii games coupon. There are also many other Target toy coupons there, so check them out.

So if you are getting $50 Wii games, you would wind up paying $90 for all three or $30 each.