Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Deals with this past Sunday's inserts!!!

I was clipping coupons from this past Sunday's paper tonight and I found a few great deals:

Kraft Salad Dressing coupon for $1.50 -- Walmart has these on sale for $1.58, so after the coupon it will cost you .08. THANKS ANGELA for alerting me to that great deal.

Duncan Hines $1/3 -- Food Lion will be having a 2 day sale this weekend. Their brownie mix will be on sale for .79 each. You will be able to get 3 boxes for $1.37

Halls $1 Coupon - Martins has these on sale this week for .99, so they would be FREE

Free Dominos Pizza!!!

I have not tried this yet, but it is worth a try. Dominos is offering 1 free 1 topping, medium pizza for carryout only. Go to http://www.dominos.com/ and order a 1 topping, medium pizza for pick-up and enter code bailout. Again, I have not tried this, but I am not sure when I will get to and I don't want anyone to miss out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go get your Free Razor!!!!

If you have been following my blog, then you should never again pay for a razor. This time it is the Magnum, 5 Blade razor. It is on sale for $4.99 and you get $4.99 through Right Aid's Single Check Rebate (SCR) program found here: https://riteaid.rebateplus.com/default.asp?jse=yes
If you get other stuff while you are there, here is a $5 off $25 coupon:

Please make sure you are careful with paying full price at any pharmacy. Their regular prices are usually high. But there may be other specials that work for you this week.

CVS (3/29-4/4)

Free Paas Easter Kit, Limit 2, after ECBS $1.99 each
Jelly Beans 2/$1
M&Ms 2/$3
All Week long sales:

Zantac $19.99 - get back $5 in ecbs. If you don't already know Zantac can also be used to cure warts. Both of my sons have warts again, so we will be buying it for the next few months. (it takes 2-4 months to work)

Clariton $19.99 - $3 coupon from here http://www.claritin.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=claritin%2Bcoupon&utm_content=branded-information&utm_campaign=branded&buf=99999999&gclid=CKySvc2LyJkCFUJM5QodRXTRtQ
get back $5 in ecbs. This says it is for 30 count, but in the ad there is a picture of a box with 33% more (40 count)

Soft Soap Ensembles buy 2 get $4 back in ecbs, Limit 3
There is a rebate for buy 2 get $4 back (found at Kmart) and there are many coupons from Sunday inserts, All You Magazine and the CVS Beauty Book and CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine

Martins Highlights (3/29 - 4/4)

MARTINS HAS A NEW LOOK!! I was pleasantly surprised by Martins new sales ad. Usually I resist change, but in this case the new ad was easier to read. Anyhow, I was even more delighted to find some deals that I liked:

Potatoes or Onions are BOGO (Their regular price should be around $3.99)
8 oz Baby Bella Mushrooms $1.50
Pineapples $2.99 - .75 coupon (doubled) from Coupons.com = $2 (if you didn't already print this you are out of luck, as it is no longer being offered)
Ham $.49/lb (that is an awsome price and Hams last a long time, you may want to buy 2)
Pork Loin $1.79/lb
Giant Whole Chicken $.59/lb
Dominos Sugar 2 /$3 - .65/2 coupon from All You (doubled) = 2 /$2
Lysol Pourable $2 - .50 coupon from Sunday insert (doubled) = $1

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bolt (the Movie) Deal!

This $5 coupon must be printed in Fire Fox, not Internet Explorer and expires 3/31:

Use this rebate $5 off:

Or this rebate $4 off:
Some people are using both rebates, because you can use a copy of the receipt and usually there are more than one UPC on the movies.
Target has this on sale this week for $15.99 - $5 coupon - $5 rebate - $4 rebate (if you do both) = 1.99 plus the cost of the batteries and/or pasta. I am getting this as a birthday present, so I will not remove the upc and do the rebate (bummer), but I will get the movie for $10.99. Not bad for a nice birthday present.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spend $50 get $25!!!

I don't usually shop Kmart, but this deal looked good. If you spend $50 after coupons and before taxes, you will receive a Kmart gift card for $25. Here is the link: http://www.glamalert.com/kmart/

Update on Kelloggs/Milk/Martins Deal!!

I hope the people that wanted to do this deal got in on it. Today when I went to Food Lion all of the blinkies were gone!! They just put those coupons out this week and I know those machines have to hold at least 300 coupons each and there were 2 blinkies full of them. Anyhow, I would like to think it is because all of my readers ran to Food Lion and got their coupons to use at Martins, but I think that it is more likely that someone else took the coupons (some people sell good coupons on e-bay).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unbelievable Martins/Kelloggs/Milk Deal!!!

O.k. I just put this deal together yesterday and tested this today, so I didn't want to post it until I knew it would work. Martins has a deal that if you buy 4 boxes of Kelloggs you get $4 off of your order (if you buy 8 you get $8 off). They also have $1 doublers this week (you can use 4/visit). Food Lion has blinkie coupons for $1 off 1 Kelloggs cereal. Also, Kelloggs is running a deal that if you buy 7 Kelloggs 12 oz or larger, in one transaction you will get 3 coupons for a free gallon of milk. I know that is a lot to take in, so here is the breakdown for buying 8 - 12 oz Kelloggs cereals:

8 - 12 oz Kelloggs cereals @ 3.29 = 26.32 - $8 (instant Martins savings) - $8 (8 coupons that you got from Food Lion blinkie machine) - $4 (4 dollar doublers) = $6.32 for 8 boxes of cereal and you will receive 3 coupons for 1 gallon of milk each from the catalina machine after your order is complete. The milk coupons are good for almost another month.

Rules: 1) you must buy 12 oz or larger Kelloggs cereal in order for it to count towards the milk; and 2) your order must be $15 after all discounts for Martin's to use the doubler coupons.

BONUS: Some of the boxes of Kelloggs have tokens on them for 2 different promotions. One is for a free Disney disposable camera (you need 8 tokens) and one is for a free Guitar Hero t-shirt (you need 8 tokens). So if you can manage to get 8 of the same token, you can get a free item.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freebies - Something for Everyone!!!

Free Toilet Paper (I don't care who you are, you still need toilet paper!) -
I have done this one before and it does come.

I am not sure what Kotex is doing, but I think we are signing up for a free sample about once a week now. But as far as I can tell this is a new one.

This only for the hot moms out there:

Probiotic Bar:

If that doesn't agree with your stomach, then go here and get your free sample of Prilosec:

Kmart doubling $2 coupons (3/22 - 3/28)!!!

Kmart is doubling coupons with a face value of upto $2. In other words a $1 coupon becomes a $2 coupon and a $2 coupon becomes a $4. I have done this several times before and Kmart does not offer the best costumer service. So be careful and watch carefully as your coupons scan. Here are their rules. They will not double internet printable coupons. They will only double the first 4 coupons of a kind and they will only double 75 coupons in one order.

My suggestion is to only use coupons that are for 1 item not 2 or more (in other words save $1 on 1 box of cereal, not save $1 on 2 boxes of cereal). The later simply confuses Kmart.

With all that said, here are some items to get you started:

Marcal Paper Towels 2 pack $3.29 - $2 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Lysol Disinfectant Spray $4.50 - $2 coupon (doubled) = .50

Lysol Wipes $2.50 - $1 coupon (doubled) = .50

The Good Life Cat Food $3.99 - $2 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Revlon (various prices and coupons) may mean some free beauty tools, nail polish, etc.

Some General Mills Cereal is on sale for $2, with the right coupons, this could be free/cheap

Kotex 22ct Pantyliners $1.29 - .75 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Luden’s Cough Drops $1.29 - $1 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Bayer Chewable Low Dose "baby" Aspirin (36 tablets) $1.99 - $1 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Oral-B Adult manual twin pack (select varieties)$3.69 - $2 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Select Johnson’s and Johnson’s Gauze products $1.69-$2.79 - $1 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Quaker Rice Cakes $1.99 - $1 coupon (doubled) = FREE

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Night of Camping!!!

Every year, KOA runs a pay for one night get one night free special. This year's event is May 8th and 9th. You can look up the details here:

Free Toothpaste at CVS!!

First of all, scan your card at the coupon machine when you go to CVS. I have read reports of people receiving coupons for $5/$30 and some people getting $5/$15.

Crest Pro Health Enamel Care is priced at $3.49 receive $3.49 in ecbs

There are $1 coupons from a February Red Plum insert and also $1 coupons from the P&G Year in Savings coupon book (if you were able to get this). So this item is either free this week or a money maker.

Martin's Highlights (3/22-3/29)

I have looked through the Martin's ad 3 times this morning trying to find some awsome deals and have only found 1.

Ken's Marinades are BOGO (reg. price is $2.89), pair that with two $1 off coupons from the Smart Source insert 2 weeks ago and you will get 2 for .89. I have 3 bogo coupons for this item, so I am going to attempt to get 6 for free, if Martin's will let me. I received those coupons because I contacted Ken's a couple of weeks ago and told them how much we loved their products. You can too at http://www.kensfoods.com/kf/contactUs.servlet

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bloom Triple Coupon Event- Friday, Saturday and Sunday

I love when Bloom triples coupons, however, I have been very busy with several other deals this week and have had little time to spend on Bloom. I scanned the ad and didn't see any unbelievable matchups, however, here are some possible good printable picks, if you are going:

$.75 on Del Monte Pineapple ($2.25 value after triples)

$.75 No Yolks Egg Noodles ($2.25 value after triples)
$.50 Pompeiian Vinegar ($1.50 value after triples)
$.75 Halls Cough Drops ($2.25 value after triples)
$.75 Allure Magazine ($2.25 value after triples)

$.50 Wacky Mac Coupon ($1.50 value after triples = FREE)

If you have any Kellogg's coupons for under $1 those would work great for the cereal that is on sale for $1.66

If you are unfamiliar with Blooms triples, they will allow you to triple 20 coupons per visit with no minimum purchase required. The original face value of the coupon can be no more than .99. Any coupon over $1 is only worth its value.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Food Lion Extras (3/18 - 3/24)

I didn't find that many awsome deals this week, but here a couple of my favorites. When you click on the links to print your coupon, when the print cue comes up it will ask you how many you would like to print. At this point if you want more than one coupon, change the number from 1 to 3 or 4. Keep in mind you can only use one of the same coupon per transaction.

--Food Lion Mustard is BOGO (Reg. price is $1.39) go here for a $1 off 2 coupon for 2 mustards for .39. There is also a coupon for $1 off eggs if you buy an Easter Egg Dye Kit. http://www.foodlion.com/promotions/egghunt/

--Go here to print coupons for $2 off $5 of produce (and a few other coupons). Pair that with Grapes that are on sale for .99/lb and/or onions for $1.99 for a great buy. I would definately print more than one of these. This coupon is good for 2 weeks.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Woman's Day -- Again!

If you didn't sign up last time, here is your chance to get 17 issues of Woman's Day for free.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Freebies for Father's Day

O.k. I know you are not thinking about Father's Day yet, but my wonderful SIL Robin found this for me and I thought this might be the start of a great Father's Day theme.

Go here to sign-up for a free Grill Spatula:

I would love to give my husband the 15 bottles of Gillette Body Wash I got for free recently, but my husband knows me all to well and he would know they were free.

Printer Paper for $1

If you have been printing coupons the way I do, you are probably in need of some printer/copier paper. This week Staples has a promotion to get Hammermill Paper SKU #122408 for $1 after instant savings and easy rebate, limit 2. Don't be afraid of the rebate. It is very simple, just go to Staples, buy 2 reams of paper, visit Staples website https://www.stapleseasyrebates.com/img/staples/paperless/pages/Landing.html and enter some information from your receipt. It is very easy.
They are running some other $1 promotions that you may be interested too, but I didn't think some of them were so hot. They do have photo paper for $1 after easy rebate and a free pen (I missed that, I might have to go back).

While you are at Staples if you haven't already signed up as a Staples Rewards Member (you need this anyway for this deal), sign up. As a member, you sometimes receive special discounts, but more importantly you receive a quarterly check (to be spent at Staples) based on your purchases. Also, if you are not already familiar with recycling your printer cartridges, now is the time to learn. Staples reimburses you $3 for every used printer cartridge you give them. You receive this reimbursement on your quarterly check.
Since my husband once worked for Staples and didn't like it much, I don't mind robbing them blind. LOL.

I bought all this for $5!!!!!

I paid $10, in two seperate transactions and received a $5 Target gift card for my next purchase. Here is how I did it:

2 Motts Applesauces: $1.89/each - $1 Target coupon (I am having trouble finding the link again for this coupon since Target has updated their coupons, but if I do I will edit this post and add it here) and $.55 Motts coupon: http://www.motts.com/Promotions/

2 Cabot Cheeses on clearance for .96/each - .30 coupon: http://www.pathmark.com/pdf/bhm/ADA_fullpageAD_BlackHistory.pdf

This coupon prints a full page in color, so I changed my print settings to print in black & white. There were only 4 of these left after my purchase in Front Royal's Target. If you don't get there quick, I will be back to buy the rest.

5 boxes of Quaker Cereal, 4 boxes of Granola Bars, 1 box of Oatmeal. It would be hard to recreate this exactly because these coupons came from so many different sources, but here are some printable coupons to get you started: http://www.quakeroats.com/products/product-offers-and-promotions.aspx and here http://www.quakeroats.com/products/oat-snacks/true-delights/dark-chocolate-raspberry-almond.aspx

The Quaker deal is buy 5 participating Quaker items and get a $5 Target gift card. If you are not sure if you have a participating item, price scan it and it will say if it is part of the gift card promotion. I will be back later this week to buy some more. We love Quaker cereal.

Not pictured (oops) are five 8.4 oz Gillette Body Washes, which are free after the $2 coupon in the 3/1 P&G Brandsaver Sunday insert. These are on the side of an endcap in the womens skincare aisle.

And for all of those out there afraid to use coupons because you might make the person in line behind you mad, I received wonderful comments from the man in line behind me today. He was very impressed with my savings. I hope he reads this and if he does, thank you for making my day!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Target/Quaker Deal (3/15- 3/21)

Target has a special this week where if you buy 5 specific Quaker products you will get a $5 giftcard. This could be an excellet deal if combined with the right coupons. In order to check if a product is part of this special, price scan the item and it will tell you right on the screen. I have several coupons from past inserts that I will try to combine and here are some (not sure if these items are part of the special)
Quaker Coupons:
An example of how this deal could work:
5 Quaker Omega Granola Bars = $12.50 - 5 $1 coupons = $7.50 get back a $5 Target giftcard, essentially paying $2.50 for 5 boxes. I think this would be great if the boxes had 10 granola bars, but they only are a 5 count.

Martin's Highlights (3/15 - 3/21)

Here are some highlights from the Martin's ad this week:

-First of all there are six .50 coupon triplers on the front of the ad (you must have that ad to participate). Where over all this is a good thing, Martin's policies are tricky, be sure to read the fine print (I can't because it is too small online). I am sure there is a minimum dollar amount to be spent in order to use them.
- Martins has a deal to spend $20 on certain items and get a $10 coupon back to spend on your next order. This is a great deal if you use these products. You could buy 8 Breyers, for example, and spend $20.72 and get back $10. I don't stock pile ice cream, however, in my house.
-London Broil is on sale for $1.99, combine with this coupon for a really good deal: https://www.martinsfoods.com/shareddev/sharedcontent/Email/mar09/CouponAB1.cfm

Saturday, March 14, 2009

CVS Deals & Steals (3/15 - 3/21)

CVS has a number of Deals starting tomorrow. Here are the highlights:

- Irish Spring Body Wash is $4.99, get back $4.99 in ecbs (this is a 3 Day only deal)

-Colgate Max Fresh is $2.99, get back $2.99 in ecbs, I have a coupon from All You magazine making this a money maker

-Dry Idea will be on sale for $2.99 and you get back $2. If you combine it with the coupon from www.coupons.com you can make a buck on this.

-Hershey's Candy (think Easter -- just don't eat it), Spend $15 get back $5. There are a number of coupons out there. You can get some at www.coolsavings.com I haven't decided if this deal works for me or not. The candy doesn't come out to be free, so I will have to give it some thought.

Free Killians Tasting Kit!!!

I saw this yesterday when I was working on the freebies post and didn't take the time to actually look at it. This is nice and would make a nice gift (think Fathers Day, birthday or even Christmas). It looks like it comes with 4 Beer glasses, a bottle opener and a book. This picture is not the kit. You have to create a login here: http://georgekillians.com/ and then enter code: M9N7K3K in order to get the kit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

FREE Ken's Steak House Dressings/Marinades

I sent an e-mail to Ken's Steak House about how much we enjoyed their salad dressings and marinades and asked if they could send me some coupons. Well today I received an envelope with 12 coupons!! Nine of them were for FREE items. That's right completely free items. I was so thrilled. Send them a message and see what they send you. Here's their address: webmaster@kensfoods.com

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabulous Friday Freebies!!!!

Coupon for a free box of Glucerna Cereal:
Once you sign up, you can print it twice by hitting the back arrow in you browser.

Kotex Overnight Sample:

American Eagle Free Undies Offer:
Free Tote with sign-up:

Free Tomato Seeds:
enter code:P5 - 03 - Cream of Chicken

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food Lion Deals (3/11 - 3/17)

Here are some highlights for this week at Food Lion:
London Broil - 50% off combine with this $2 off $10 coupon: http://www.foodlion.com/promotions/brandmatchgame/

Potatos are BOGO (regular price is $3.99)

Doritos are BOGO (regular price is $3.99) combine with the $1 off coupon listed below.

Pepsi is also on sale for $1 use the link listed below to get $1 off 2.
Charcoal is on sale for $5.99 combine with this $3 off coupon from the link below

Link for $1 off Doritos, $1 off 2 Pepsi's and $3 off Charcoal:
Ritz BOGO (regular price is $3.99). There was a $2 off 2 coupon in a recent Sunday insert, see if you have it.

Food Lion Oatmeal is $1.50, combine with this $1 coupon:
Also, I just received my coupons from a Super Bowl/Pepsi rebate that I did. They were really good coupons good on Pepsi and Doritos. If you got the same coupons, you should combine them with the deals above. Remember you can combine Food Lion coupons with Manufacturer's coupons.

My Tax Only Shopping Spree!!!!

I only paid tax for these items. This is how:
Gillette Body Wash 8.4 oz - $2 - $2 coupon from the 3/1 P&G Brand Saver Insert. This was found on the side of an end-cap near the women's skin care items. These are not trial size, but also not full size either.
Cascade Rinse Agent free after coupon in the Home Made Simple Mailer. Sign-up here for the newsletter: http://www.homemadesimple.com/en_US/home.do
Johnson's Bath Buddies (you should never again pay for soap for your young children): .97 - $1 coupon from insert or get yours here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rclmfuj4153223&bt=wi&o=51055&c=JB&p=mSsqJUhn
or here:
Neo to Go: $1 - $1 coupon from past Sunday insert or found here: http://www.neosporin.com/firstaid/neosporin.asp?sec=0&page=17
Rite Aid:
Mentos Gum: .99 - $1 coupon from 3/1 Smart Source insert.
There was $5 coupon for Iams puppy or kitten food in the 3/1 P&G Brandsaver and some people have reported finding this at Walmart free after coupon. That was not true for my Walmart, however.

$7 Scrubing Bubbles Coupon

Here is a coupon for $7 off the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Starter Kit:


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Free Magazine!!!!

Go here for a free 1 year subscription to Elle Magazine:
It asked for my title and the name of my company and I stated Homemaker and my family name for the company. I have done this before with no issues.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Week's Shopping

I have scanned the Martins, Rite Aid and CVS Ads. I have not found any must have items, but here are a few Highlights:

Herbal Essences $2.88, buy 2 for $5.76 - $3 coupon (from February's P&G coupon insert) - $2 ecbs = 2 for $.76

General Mills Cereal/Granola Bars- Buy $10 get $5 in ecbs: These are on sale 3 for $10 and you can use coupons found here:
http://www.pillsbury.com/coupons-promotions/?wt.ac=Master-Left-Top-04-09-08-Crescents or at coupons.com or at smartsource.com

Garnier Fructis/Mabeline - Buy $10 get $5 in ecbs. There are several $1 off coupons from various past inserts.

There are a few other ecb deals, but none that struck me at great deals.

Rite Aid:
Garnier Fructis Shampoo & Conditioner: 2 for $6 - $2 in coupons from a past Sunday insert - $2 SCR = $1/bottle (that is too much for me -- it was a money maker last month)

Mentos Gum (this is unadvertised) is on sale for .99 and there was coupon in the 3/1 paper for $1 off, so that would be free

-Corn Beef Brisket - .99/lb
-Chicken Breasts - $1.99/lb
-Cabbage - .19/lb
-Dole bag salad is BOGO (regular price is $3.89) that seems overpriced even when it is bogo
-Giant brand Cereal .99
-Turkey Hill Ice Cream $1.99 (if you haven't already done this, go to https://www.turkeyhill.com/general/contact-us.asp and tell them how much you enjoy their ice cream and they will send you a wonderful packet of coupons)

I have a $5 off $40 to use at Martins, I wish they were running some better sales.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


If you missed the $5 coupon last time, or just need more, they are now reset at coupons.com (or you can scroll through the coupons at the left of this post). If you don't have a baby, consider making a stash for a baby shower gift or donating the items. Here is what I have found for deals with this coupon:
Gentle Care Wipes:
$.99 after coupon for 184 count at Target and Walmart

Food Lion now through March 10th:
Huggies Sales Price: 9.99 - $5 Manufacturer's coupon - $1.50 Food Lion coupon = $3.49/pack

Here is a link to the Food Lion Baby Coupons:

Walgreens March 8th - March 15th:
There's a Register Rewards ("RR") deal, buy $25, get $10 RR
If you can print 3 coupons:
3 packages of diapers at $10=$30
-(3) $5=$15-$10 RR=$5 for 3 packages of diapers

If you only have 2 coupons:
2 packages of diapers at $10=$20
1 package of wipes $6=$26
-2 $5=$16-10 RR=$6 for 2 packages of diapers & a pack of wipes

CVS April 5th - April 11th:
CVS will be giving $10 ecbs for spending $25 on Huggies. You would be able to use the coupons in the same way as shown in the Walgreens deal for similar results.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Free Tote Bag

I use these totes all of the time. I always hated the plastic option. The reuseable bags hold more and are more durable. So go sign-up for another free one:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

7 Wonderful Freebies!!!!!

Diet Dr. Pepper Freebie (if you did this a couple of months ago, this is a new one):

Grocery Tote to the first 18,000 - Scroll down to the bottom right hand corner (if you are not already signed up here, do it, they send out great coupons):

Free Oriole's Ticket during your birthday month (off season birthdays will be given a ticket for an April game):

Degree For Men:

Bally Fitness Workout Mix Download:

Ziplock Sample (you do not need to be a member):

Kotex Sample:

Another Voila Coupon

I have reports that my first link didn't work for some people. Here is another coupon link:


There is also $5 Rebate form on this link for Madagascar 2 with 2 Voila UPCs. Thanks Robin!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food Lion Shopping List (3/4 - 3/11)

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am working on getting my $20 Ham coupon. Every Easter, Food Lion offers you a $20 coupon for shopping 6 out of 8 weeks. Your pre-coupon and sales total needs to be $45, but after coupons and sales it can be any amount. Yesterday I bought mostly bogo items, used coupons and my total came to $20.xx and I still qualified for week 3. Here are some smart picks for this week:

3 Day Sale only:

Birds Eye Voila $1.99, print this coupon for $1 off (does not work in Internet Explorer, you need to use Modzilla):
BOGO ITEMS (below are all week specials):

SeaPak Shrimp (Reg. Price is $7.49) use this coupon:

There were also coupons various magazines.

Gortons Fish Sticks (Reg. Price $6.39)
Planters Nuts (look for coupons near beer displays for $2 off 2 -- thanks Angela)
French Bread
Food Lion Brand Frozen Chicken Breasts
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat

CVS ALERT - Free Nuts!!!

Everytime I go to CVS, I scan my card at the price check station. If you were not already aware, these price check stations spit coupons out. Anyway, last week it gave me a $2 coupon on 2 Gold Emblem brand Nuts (that is CVS' brand). Anyway, today it gave me another $2 off 2. If you check near the registers there are individual bags for under $1 (mine were .79). My CVS applied the overages to my other items. Good luck!!!

Martins $5 off $40 Coupons Found

I was at Martins today and found some coupons at the bagging area of one of the registers. They are not valid until 3/8, but they are for the next 4 weeks. Each week there is a $5 off $40 coupon and 2 free items per week (next week is soda and ice cream). Anyway, I am not sure if these will be mailers or not, so keep your eyes peeled. I only found one.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

$2 off $5 of Meat at Martins!!!!

It is valid March 4 - March 21. NOT VALID YET!!!

Here is a coupon for $2 off $5 at Martins. Print it multiple times and use it on multiple visits.

$1 off Giant Frozen Veggies at Martins:

Freebies at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has a number of items free after SCR (Single Check Rebates) this week. I am not sure how many of them I need, but you may need them:

Novitra Snore Stop $8.99 - $8.99 SCR
http://www.novitra.com/coupon.html (use this coupon on Novitra to make it a money maker)
Novitra Snore Stop Extinguisher $12.99 -$12.99 SCR
Ocean Complete Nasal Rinse $8.99 - $8.99 SCR
Sinus Buster $8.99 - $8.99 SCR

If you get your total to $25 or more give them this coupon before any other coupons:

This Week's CVS Must Buys

Another free Razor: Gillette Gamer is on sale for $7.99 - $4 coupon from the paper a couple of weeks ago = $3.99 get back $4 in ecbs. Since I did this last week I will pay for this razor with the coupon and last weeks ecbs and still get back $4 in ecbs.

Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99, get back $4.99 in ecbs (there are also coupons for this in All You Magazine and some stores have $1 blinkies -- so it could be a small money maker)

There is also a Pampers/Johnson & Johnson deal (buy $20 get $5 in ecbs). Since I don't have a baby in the house, I can't use this one, but it might be good for you.

Martin's Food Deals!!!!

I didn't see that many deals this week at Martins, but here is what I found:

Red Delicious Apples are $1.99/3lbs

Bottom Round Roast is BOGO (this is good in the crockpot or as stew meat)

Pork Loin is $1.99

Turkey Hill Ice Cream is $2.50 (I have a .50 coupon that will double)

Giant Cheese is $1.66 (not the best price I have found on cheese, but not bad without a coupon)

Mrs. Paul's seafood is on a 50% off sale. If you buy 7 you will get $5 off your next order. Also, if you buy 7 you will get 200 gas points (that is equal to .20 off a gallon)