Sunday, March 29, 2009

CVS (3/29-4/4)

Free Paas Easter Kit, Limit 2, after ECBS $1.99 each
Jelly Beans 2/$1
M&Ms 2/$3
All Week long sales:

Zantac $19.99 - get back $5 in ecbs. If you don't already know Zantac can also be used to cure warts. Both of my sons have warts again, so we will be buying it for the next few months. (it takes 2-4 months to work)

Clariton $19.99 - $3 coupon from here
get back $5 in ecbs. This says it is for 30 count, but in the ad there is a picture of a box with 33% more (40 count)

Soft Soap Ensembles buy 2 get $4 back in ecbs, Limit 3
There is a rebate for buy 2 get $4 back (found at Kmart) and there are many coupons from Sunday inserts, All You Magazine and the CVS Beauty Book and CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine

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