Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food Lion Shopping List (3/4 - 3/11)

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am working on getting my $20 Ham coupon. Every Easter, Food Lion offers you a $20 coupon for shopping 6 out of 8 weeks. Your pre-coupon and sales total needs to be $45, but after coupons and sales it can be any amount. Yesterday I bought mostly bogo items, used coupons and my total came to $20.xx and I still qualified for week 3. Here are some smart picks for this week:

3 Day Sale only:

Birds Eye Voila $1.99, print this coupon for $1 off (does not work in Internet Explorer, you need to use Modzilla):
BOGO ITEMS (below are all week specials):

SeaPak Shrimp (Reg. Price is $7.49) use this coupon:

There were also coupons various magazines.

Gortons Fish Sticks (Reg. Price $6.39)
Planters Nuts (look for coupons near beer displays for $2 off 2 -- thanks Angela)
French Bread
Food Lion Brand Frozen Chicken Breasts
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat

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