Saturday, February 28, 2009

$5 Huggies Coupons!!!!

UPDATE: GOOD COUPONS GO FAST. I posted this yesterday and today these coupons are not listed. Check it frequently, they may put them up again.
Scroll the printable coupons on the left of this blog (or you can go to and there are Huggies coupons for $5 off 1 Huggies Gentle Care (this should be free wipes or bath product) and $3 off 1 Natural Fit Huggies. If you can't use these but can get them for free, save them for a baby shower gift or donate them to a shelter. I will try to find a deal to combine them with at CVS or Rite Aid.

Free Magazine Subscription

Free Subscription to Family Fun (I love this magazine):

This one asks for an occupation (I put homemaker) and it asks to refer a friend (I referred my husband and used one of my alternative e-mail addresses)

Free Swagbuck

Free Swag Buck:
Go to your swagbuck account and enter code BirthdayBuck (this worked yesterday -- this is case sensitive)

If you are not a swagbucks member go here: I have been a member for only 1 month and I am only 15 points away from a $5 Amazon gift card. I know $5 bucks isn't much, but the only thing I did to earn it is use swagbucks as my search engine! It is extremely easy, especially if you upload their tool bar.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Boxes of Cereal for $.79!!!!!!

I forgot to post this in the CVS post yesterday, but CVS has Post Trail Mix cereal on sale for BOGO. Print this coupon twice to get both boxes for .79 out of pocket. I did this today with no problems.

Monday, February 23, 2009

CVS & Rite Aid Highlights

Rite Aid:

Rite Aid seems to have more deals this week than CVS. Here are the highlights.

Garnier Fructis money maker on select shampoo/conditioner/styling product:
$2.99 - $1 coupon from insert = $1.99 get $2.99 single check rebate (scr)

Kotex - buy 2 select products get $2 scr. There are $1 off Kotex product coupons from on of the January inserts making your total after coupons and SCR $2 for 2 products.

Aquafresh - Buy 10 get $10 SCR. The cost for 10 would be $19.95 before coupons. If you have enough coupons this could be free toothpaste (I don't have enough coupons and I have too much toothpaste already)

Soy Joy money maker - Buy 10 for $5 and get $5 back. I have $3 off 10 from a recent insert. If you don't have that coupon try this one twice:

Wrigley's gum is bogo and there are bogo coupons out there making 2 packs of gum free.

Zilactin tooth ache medicine Free after SCR. Not something that I need, but one of you might.

If your total comes to $25 or more, give them this coupon first (before your other coupons) to take $5 off your $25 order:


CVS has the Gillette Gamer Razor on sale again this week for $7.99 with $3.99 back in ecbs. If you have the $4 coupon from the P&G insert, it is free after ecbs. Since I did this same deal last week I already have $3.99 in ecbs. So here is my transaction $7.99 - $4 Coupon - $3.99 ecbs = free razor get back $3.99 in ecbs to use next week.

CVS also has a Revlon deal (buy $20 get $10 ecbs). There were coupons in a recent insert for Revlon too. This may or may not be a good deal for you (I don't use a lot of makeup)

This Week's Super Store Highlights

Below are the best deals for this week.


Venus Razor Buy 2 in one transaction and get a $5 Target card. If you have the recent P&G coupons, there is a coupon in there for $2 off a Venus Razor. Here is a link for a Target coupon for $3 off Venus Razors

Here is the breakdown:
2 Venus Razors $15.98
- 2 P&G Coupons $4.00
- 2 Target Coupons $6.00 = $5.98 get back a $5 gift card

They may not allow you to use 2 Target Coupons at the same time, but my Target does.


Kmart is doubling coupons this week. There policy is to double coupons upto $2. In otherwords at $2 coupon becomes a $4 coupon. I was in there today and I did not find that many great deals. Kmart's prices seem to be higher than other places. You might find something that is a good deal to you.

Kmart's rules for doubling: 1) They will only take 25 coupons per transaction and they will only take 4 coupons of a kind. Until this week they did not take internet coupons, but I have heard that the are excepting them this week. My ad, however, still states that they are not excepting them.

Free Kashi Entree

Sign up here to get a coupon for a free Kashi Entree.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My CVS Haul this Week

I started the week with only $4 in ecbs. I ended the week with $17 in ecbs and only spent $2 out of pocket.

1st Transaction:

- 2 Neutragena Soap Bars $6 - $2 coupon - $4 ecbs = free - got back $10 in ecbs

2nd Transactions:

- 6 - 12 packs of cokes $21 - $7 (2 bogo coupons) - $3 (3 $1 coupons) - got back $10 in ecbs

-1 Razor $7.99 - $4 coupon - got back $3.99 in ecbs

-1 Colgate Total $3 - $1.50 Coupon - got back $2.99 in ecbs

I also had a CVS $5 off $30 coupon for this transaction and my total after all coupons and ecbs was $2. I was then handed $17 in ecbs for my next visit.

Shoppers Triples Event -- Here is what I got for $8.50

I got all of this for $8.50. I was hoping to do better than this, but one of my coupons didn't work. Here is the breakdown:

2 Parmesean Cheeses (free)

2 Quaker rice cake snacks (.20/each)

2 boxes of Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (.59 each)

1 Starkist Tuna (.19)

2 Betty Crocker Potato Pouches (.25/each)

2 bags of Tostitos ($2.50 each)

1 Tostito's Salsa (free)

1 loaf of French Bread (free)

1 loaf of Arnold Bread (.50)

1 package of Thomas' English Muffins (.50)

Bloom Triples -- See what I got today for under $4

I got all of this for under $4 bucks. Here is my tally:

15 Wacky Mac (free after .50 printable)

2 Ziploc Bags (free after coupon from Andrea's party -- Thanks Andrea)

2 Ortega Fajita Spices (free after .75/2 coupon)

2 packages of Hormel Pepperoni (.14 each after .55 coupon)

1 Mt. Olive Relish (.06 after .50 coupon)

3 Lysol Toilet Cleaners (.59 after .75 coupon)

1 Soy Sauce (free after .55 coupon)

1 Pompeiian Cooking Sherry (.70 after .50 internet printable coupon)

6 tubes of Grands Cinnamon Rolls (.25 each after .75/3 coupon)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Lion Shopping List

Food Lion has a lot of bogo items this week. It should be easy to get up to $45 before MVP savings and coupons in order to qualify for week 2 of the Easter Ham coupon. Here are some great picks and match-ups:
Chuck Roast is $1.99/lb. Pair it with this coupon for $1 off $5 of Butcher's Brand Meat (exp. 2/24)

Ken's Salad Dressing is BOGO this week. If you pair it with this $1 off Ken's dressing coupon you can get 1 bottle for about $.55 (remember at Food Lion you can buy 1 bogo item and it rings up 1/2 price)

Some Kelloggs Cereals are BOGO. If you pair them with the recent $1.50/2 coupons that were in one of the recent news paper inserts, it should make them about $1/box.

Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies are BOGO. There were printable coupons for these, but the link is no longer working. If you have these printables in your stash it would make them about $1.89 for 2 boxes of cookies.

Scotts/Cottonelle Bath Tissue (regular price is between $4.77 -7.52) and Scotts Paper Towels (regular Price is $3.77 for 2-3 pack) is on BOGO. Pair that deal with coupons found at for a great price. While you are at print off a coupon for Scott's Paper Towels which are also on BOGO sale this week.

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent is BOGO (regular price is $4.79). Pair that deal with coupons found here (print them twice) and you can get two bottles of laundry detergent for $2.79.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream is BOGO (regular price is $4.99). We love ice cream here and only get it when it is on sale. Although you can't do this for this deal, go here and tell them how much you love their ice cream and they will mail you some really great coupons.

Pillsbury Grands $1. Pair with a coupon found here and you can get them for a $1.50 for 2. You may have other coupons from recent inserts that are better.

CVS Hidden $4 to $6 Money Maker

There is a hidden deal at CVS this week.

When you buy 2 Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer or Sun Care products a $10 ECB prints (limit 1). Neutrogena facial bar soap 3.5 oz bar also generates the ECB for this deal and they are only $2.99. Here are the UPCs that work:

UPC 070501010105
UPC 070501013502

Check the coupons that print on your CVS receipts for a $2 Men's Neutrogena coupon. I had one and it came right off this purchase. Here was the math:

Neutrogena soap $2.99 x 2 = $5.98 - $2 CVS coupon = $3.98 receive $10 ECB =$6.02 profit.

Monday, February 16, 2009

4 boxes of Cheerios for $2.25!!!!!

Martins Foods has certain Cheerios on sale 4 for $6. In order to get this price you must buy 4 (no more or less). Combine it with each of the coupons below to get 4 boxes for $2.25. You can print each coupon twice. If you ring up seperately, you can do this deal twice. In order to get as many to double as possible, use only one .55 banana nut coupon and only one .75 banana nut coupon in each transacation.

Multigrain $.75 coupon and Banana Nut $.75 coupon:

Banana Nut $.55 coupon:

You can get more Multigrain $.75 off coupons at To make sure you are getting the right Cheerios, pick the ones marked $2.49 (once you purchase 4, it changes your total to 4 for $6).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

CVS Shopping this week

The more you do this, the more you will realize that you will never again have to pay for toothpaste. Here is what is on my shopping list this week.

1) Colgate Total Toothpaste: Buy it for $2.99 and receive $2.99 in ecbs, limit 2. This is a money maker if you have coupons. I have at least one coupon for $1.50 off from All You Magazine.

2) Gillette Gamer Razor: Buy it for $7.99 - $4 coupon from last Sunday's paper and receive $3.99 in ecbs (FREE). They had this same deal last week and I hear they will do it again next week. As far as I know, if you have enough coupons, you can do this deal each of the 3 weeks, yielding 3 free razors and each razor has one refill. I rarely pay more than pennies for razors either. Limit 1 for this week.

3) Diet Coke: Buy $20 worth of Diet Coke and receive $10 in ecbs. I am hoping that Coke Zero is included. If you buy six 12 packs it will come to $21 and then you will receive $10 in ecbs. Not a bad deal in itself. But, if you participate in, you can cash in some of your points for buy one get one (bogo) free coupons or $1 off coupons. Potentially you could use 3 bogo coupons making your out of pocket $10.50 and you would receive $10 in ecbs. Not free, but .50 for six 12 packs is an awsome deal. Limit 1.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Earn $20 from Food Lion

Food Lion runs a loyalty promotion every Easter. If you shop 6 out of 8 weeks at Food Lion you can cash in your receipts and get a coupon for $20. The ad states that the purchase must be $45 each week, but that is before coupons and MVP savings (so really, if you shop like me your total out of pocket could be $20 after MVP and coupons and still qualify). So always have them scan the coupon for the $20 coupon, even if your total is under $45.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Got Kids And No Money?

Parents are way to quick to give into their kids every desire these days. However, with the current economy it is the time more than ever for parents to find thrifty ways to entertain their children. It is not a bad lesson for the children either. Here are some great choices to get you started:

1) Both Lowes and Home Depot offer FREE monthly or bi-monthly building clinics for elementary aged children. Find out more at and

2) Check out your local library. Folks -- its not just for books!! My children have attended magic shows, animal shows, movie showings, tea parties, story times, and more. All for FREE. Not to mention that they also offer DVDs and books on CDs. They might not have the latest movies, but they often have the classics.

3) Want to expose your children to the theatre or concerts? Why not check out what local High School's have to offer? The tickets are cheap and it might be just the pace you need for younger viewers.

4) Want to go to the movies? Try going to a matinee or check out a movie theatre that shows second run movies (usually for $2 or $3 bucks). Not free, but not bad for an occasional outing.

5) As spring rolls around, why not consider having a picnic in the park. Another similar idea is a family hike and picnic.

Monday, February 9, 2009

CVS Shopping List

There are 2 great buys this week at CVS. First is the Gillette Gamer Razor. It is on sale for $7.99 and you get back $3.99 in ecbs. There was a $4 coupon in this past Sunday's paper. So after the coupon you pay $3.99 out of pocket and get back $3.99 in ecbs. Making the razor free (after ecbs).

The second great find, is if you buy 3 Hallmark cards you receive $3 in ecbs. Think Valentines Day. This is very similar to the last card deal. The ad states that the cards must be $2.49, but I bought the .99 cards today and still got my ecbs. This deal has a limit of 2. So go get your 6 free cards.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Martins - Chocolate Chips for .50

Sorry I missed this one on my first post. Martins has Hershey's chips on sale for $2/bag. They e-mailed me a coupon for $1.50/bag.

I also noticed they have their pasta sauce and pasta on sale. I received in snail mail last week coupons for those items. Maybe you did too.

Martin's Shopping List

Martins $5 off $50 coupon (expires 2/21/09), print as many as you will use:

Betty Crocker Frosting .33 after the below coupon doubles:

Wacky Mac Pasta for .31 after coupon doubles, if you haven't already done this:

Progresso Soup for .23 after coupon (if you printed it before, you should be able to print it again because it has been reset):

Some other great deals this week:
Chicken breasts $1.79/lb
Strawberries are buy one get one free

Remember, if you have more than one of the same coupon, only the first coupon will double. So I suggest ringing up twice if you have like coupons.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Petco Coupons

I have not tested using these coupons all at the same time, but here are some links to some good pet coupons:

$5 off $25 at Petco (expires 2/15):

$5 off of Science Diet Petco coupon:
$5 manufacturer's coupon for Science Diet:

There were also Science Diet coupons in a recent Sunday insert.

Petco should allow you to use both their coupon and a manufacturers coupon at the same time. However, they might not allow you to use two Petco coupons in the same transactions. In other words, both the Petco Science Diet Coupon and the Petco $5 off $25 coupon.

No Petco, no worries. Petsmart ususally excepts competitor's coupons.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Made Money on these at Walmart Today

I made money on all of these items today at Walmart. Here is the breakdown:

Beggin Strips $2.76 - $3 coupon (see previous post about how to get a $3 Purina coupon) (profit $.48/2)

Ortega Taco Seasoning $.94/2 - $1 on 2 coupon (from a previous Sunday paper)(profit $.12/4)

Starkist Tuna Pouches $.93 - $1 coupon (I received these coupons because I am part of Sign-up if you haven't already. They send great coupons and usually 4 or 5 of them. (profit $.28/4)

I bought other items along with these items, so the overages just applied to those items. Walmart will not give you money back if all you give them is coupons.

January's Grocery Bill

In January I spent $401 on food for my family of 5. Included in that amount was a Chinese takeout diner. It does not include 10 school lunches, but every other meal for my family of 5.

After spending only $401 dollars, I was able to then send in rebates totaling $162. So my total spent on food and groceries was $239. In addition to monetary rebates, I also sent in rebates to receive a free Disney scrapbook, a free Guitar Hero t-shirt, $120 in P&G coupons and a coupon for a free Digiorno Pizza (all based on January's purchases).

I now have the following items stock piled from January's shopping:
30 Digiorno Pizzas
20 2 litter bottles of Coke/Coke products
12 lbs of boneless, fully cooked ham (lunchmeat)
22 cans of Campbells Chunky Soup
20 packages of Kraft shredded cheese

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Always Infinity Sample

I never was a fan of Always. Wings or no wings, I just didn't like them. But last spring I was able to get a couple of boxes of Always Infinity for free from CVS and I loved them. Go get your free sample and see for yourself.

Tax Time Savings

It is that time of year again. I personally use Turbo Tax and here are the deals I found for that software. You might find better deals depending on your needs.
1) If your adjusted gross income is $56,000 or less go here first to see if you qualify for free software:

2) Free StateFarm Thread - Free Deluxe, $20 Premier - BUT you need to be a StateFarm banking customer (not just insurance/stock holder). This is an unfortunate change from previous years

This is what I did. It came out to be cheaper than buying it at Costco for me. I do not have any accounts with Fidelity.
Federal State BothBasic $11.20 $22.45 $33.65
Deluxe $22.45 $22.45 $44.90
Premier $37.45 $22.45 $59.90
Home & Business $56.20 $22.45 $78.65

4) 30% off on Federal only for Borders Books Rewards Members - log in to your account and click on Borders Perks to see the deals. Perfect if your state has no income tax!!! These prices are for on-line filing.
Deluxe: $20.95
Premier: $34.95
Home & Business: $52.95(State is an additional $34.95 for each of the above versions)

5) StateFarm offers 25% off like Fidelity above for both Federal and State open to everyone
6) USAA 25% off BOTH State and Federal for members25% off BOTH State and Federal with Amex payment through this link. You can also download throught this link, but discount is only 15%

7) - Free Deluxe and $20 Premier - BUT they require that you're a StateFarm banking customer (not just insurance/stock holder). This is a change from previous years

8) T. Rowe Price - 35% off Federal ONLY (State efile is $34.95)

There may be other deals out there that are better for you depending on your needs, but these were the ones that I found. Happy filing!