Monday, February 23, 2009

This Week's Super Store Highlights

Below are the best deals for this week.


Venus Razor Buy 2 in one transaction and get a $5 Target card. If you have the recent P&G coupons, there is a coupon in there for $2 off a Venus Razor. Here is a link for a Target coupon for $3 off Venus Razors

Here is the breakdown:
2 Venus Razors $15.98
- 2 P&G Coupons $4.00
- 2 Target Coupons $6.00 = $5.98 get back a $5 gift card

They may not allow you to use 2 Target Coupons at the same time, but my Target does.


Kmart is doubling coupons this week. There policy is to double coupons upto $2. In otherwords at $2 coupon becomes a $4 coupon. I was in there today and I did not find that many great deals. Kmart's prices seem to be higher than other places. You might find something that is a good deal to you.

Kmart's rules for doubling: 1) They will only take 25 coupons per transaction and they will only take 4 coupons of a kind. Until this week they did not take internet coupons, but I have heard that the are excepting them this week. My ad, however, still states that they are not excepting them.

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