Monday, February 23, 2009

CVS & Rite Aid Highlights

Rite Aid:

Rite Aid seems to have more deals this week than CVS. Here are the highlights.

Garnier Fructis money maker on select shampoo/conditioner/styling product:
$2.99 - $1 coupon from insert = $1.99 get $2.99 single check rebate (scr)

Kotex - buy 2 select products get $2 scr. There are $1 off Kotex product coupons from on of the January inserts making your total after coupons and SCR $2 for 2 products.

Aquafresh - Buy 10 get $10 SCR. The cost for 10 would be $19.95 before coupons. If you have enough coupons this could be free toothpaste (I don't have enough coupons and I have too much toothpaste already)

Soy Joy money maker - Buy 10 for $5 and get $5 back. I have $3 off 10 from a recent insert. If you don't have that coupon try this one twice:

Wrigley's gum is bogo and there are bogo coupons out there making 2 packs of gum free.

Zilactin tooth ache medicine Free after SCR. Not something that I need, but one of you might.

If your total comes to $25 or more, give them this coupon first (before your other coupons) to take $5 off your $25 order:


CVS has the Gillette Gamer Razor on sale again this week for $7.99 with $3.99 back in ecbs. If you have the $4 coupon from the P&G insert, it is free after ecbs. Since I did this same deal last week I already have $3.99 in ecbs. So here is my transaction $7.99 - $4 Coupon - $3.99 ecbs = free razor get back $3.99 in ecbs to use next week.

CVS also has a Revlon deal (buy $20 get $10 ecbs). There were coupons in a recent insert for Revlon too. This may or may not be a good deal for you (I don't use a lot of makeup)

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