Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tax Time Savings

It is that time of year again. I personally use Turbo Tax and here are the deals I found for that software. You might find better deals depending on your needs.
1) If your adjusted gross income is $56,000 or less go here first to see if you qualify for free software:

2) Free StateFarm Thread - Free Deluxe, $20 Premier - BUT you need to be a StateFarm banking customer (not just insurance/stock holder). This is an unfortunate change from previous years

This is what I did. It came out to be cheaper than buying it at Costco for me. I do not have any accounts with Fidelity.
Federal State BothBasic $11.20 $22.45 $33.65
Deluxe $22.45 $22.45 $44.90
Premier $37.45 $22.45 $59.90
Home & Business $56.20 $22.45 $78.65

4) 30% off on Federal only for Borders Books Rewards Members - log in to your account and click on Borders Perks to see the deals. Perfect if your state has no income tax!!! These prices are for on-line filing.
Deluxe: $20.95
Premier: $34.95
Home & Business: $52.95(State is an additional $34.95 for each of the above versions)

5) StateFarm offers 25% off like Fidelity above for both Federal and State open to everyone
6) USAA 25% off BOTH State and Federal for members25% off BOTH State and Federal with Amex payment through this link. You can also download throught this link, but discount is only 15%

7) - Free Deluxe and $20 Premier - BUT they require that you're a StateFarm banking customer (not just insurance/stock holder). This is a change from previous years

8) T. Rowe Price - 35% off Federal ONLY (State efile is $34.95)

There may be other deals out there that are better for you depending on your needs, but these were the ones that I found. Happy filing!

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