Saturday, January 31, 2009

Furry Friend Coupon (could be a free item)

Sign-up for a free pet insurance quote and get $3 off Purina Dog Pet Food or Treats, any size, any variety. This should be free treats or close to it at Walmart or Target. Here are the steps:
2) Enter b3kca in the offer code box
3) When it brings up your offer, choose a deductible option (it doesn't matter which one -- you are not actually getting the insurance) and scroll to the bottom and click on "save quote". It should then ask for your e-mail address. Once it does that it will send a $3 coupon to your e-mail. You can print it twice by hitting the back button 3 times after the first print.
4) Take coupons to Walmart or Target and redeem for 2 free (or close to it) bags of treats for your pet.

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