Monday, January 26, 2009

Target/Digiorno Pizza Update

All this for $7.24 out of pocket!!!! Not to mention I have another Beer rebate good for Pizza so I will get $5 of that amount back. I learned today that along with Digiorno Pizza being on sale for $3.99, that you also get a free 2L Coke product for free! No coupon necessary, the register just adjusts it. Here is the breakdown, so that you can do the same deal:

4 Digiorno Pizzas (minus 2 $5/2 coupons from the Bud displays, if you have them)

4 Coke products (1 free with each Digiorno Pizza purchase)

1 Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice

- use this coupon:

3 Special K Cereal Bars (these are on Price Cut for $2.24 -- there were no signs stating that, I just verified the price at the price check scanner)

- this coupon:

Now go here and choose the Target coupon for Ocean Spray Juice and for the Special K cereal Bars:

Print the Target Special K Cereal Bars 3 times. My cashier took all three Special K Cereal Bar coupons, yours may give you a hard time. Either way you make out like a bandit. FYI, you can print the Bricks coupons twice and the Target coupons as many times as you like, so you really can do this deal twice per computer. It is Target's coupon policy to accept both manufacturers and Target coupons for the same product, don't let them tell you otherwise.

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