Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Food Lion Steals 12/30-1/5

Food Lion Cooking Spray $2

Food Lion Hot Cocoa $.89

$2 on 2 FLIP = .22 Money Maker - same link as above

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa $1

Special K -- Buy 5, get $5 off

Get 5 Special K cereals (including 2 Blueberry varieties)

Use the bogo coupon from here

use 2 $1 on 1 Blueberry Flavor from (if they put in the sales price on the bogo coupon) to as much as $1.86 Money Maker (if they put in the regular price on the bogo coupons -- they usually put in regular prices)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms or Cheerios BOGO

Tostitos BOGO (reg. $3.99) All coupons expire on 12/31 -- so hurry

$1 off 1 (Beer Tear Pad)

Free Salsa wyb 2 Tostitos Tear Pad= Free Salsa & 2 bags of tostitos for $1.99

Frechetta $3.99

$1 on 1 from 11/15 insert expires 2/7

$1 on 1 peelies expire 12/31

Splenda $5.99 (I know this stuff is expensive, but we are addicted!)

$3.50 off 2 = 2 for $8.50

Sundown Vitamins BOGO (original prices vary)

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn BOGO (reg. $2.69)

.75 on 1 --11/15 inserts = .60/each

Egg Beaters $2

Monday, December 28, 2009

CVS Coupons!

Go here to take a Medicare Quiz (anyone can take it) to get a $5 on $30 coupon good for 2 weeks after printing. FYI - this is the second time I have taken the quiz and gotten the coupon.

There are several deals this week to combine with those coupons. Here are some highlights:

--Gillette Fusion Razor - $8.99 - $4 coupon from December P&G (exp. 12/31), get $4 ECBs = $.99

--Colgate Toothpaste $2.99 - $1 coupon from November and January All You Mag (there is probably also a printable on colgate's website), $2 ECBs = FREE

--Nature's Bounty Vitamins are BOGO with $3 ECB's when you buy 2. Prices start at $4.99. Go here and register for 2 $2 off coupons. Best case scenario is you pay $4.99 for 2 bottles - $4 in coupons (2 - $2 coupons) =.99, get $3 ecbs = $2.01 money maker

--Bayer Glucose Meter $14.99 - Coupon for a free meter (insert coupon from October), get $5 ecbs = $5 money maker which will be donated to the free clinic for a tax deduction!

There are other bargains this week too, but those are the highlights!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

$5 Coffee Maker/Crock Pot/Waffle Maker

Now through Saturday, CVS has certain appliances for $19.99. Pick one 1 appliance and 1 filler (.33 candy) and use the coupons below.

Use this $5 off $20 first and

FYI, CVS is open on Christmas Day from 10 - 8 and it is open tonight until 9 pm!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I am really sorry I haven't posted this sooner. I have been really busy with Christmas. REMEMBER WHEN FOOD LION HAS A COUPON THAT SAYS $2 ON $10, THE $10 MINIMUM IS THE REGULAR PRICE. Here are the Food Lion Great Deals:

Beef Scenarios with this $2/$10 FLIP
2.6 lbs 93% Lean Beef x $2.99 = $7.78 - $2 FLIP = $5.78

1.2lbs Rib Roast x 6.99 = $8.39 - $2 = $6.39

Produce Scenarios with the 2 produce FLIPs
Use a combination of this $2 on $6 FLIP and this $2 on $5 FLIP to get these deals:

--2 bags of BOGO Potatoes (reg. price $3.49 each)
$3.49 for both - $2 on $6 FLIP and $2 on $5 FLIP = .51 money maker

--1 Box of Clementines (reg. Price $6.99)
$4.99 sale price - $4 (2 different produce FLIPs) = .99 for 5lbs!

--3.1 lbs of Pears
$4 sale price - $4 (2 different produce FLIPs) = FREE

Del Monte Canned Veggies BOGO (reg. $1.25)
$1 on 4 IP

Oscar Mayer Bacon BOGO (reg. $5.49)
.75 on 1 coupon from 11/15 insert

Hillshire Farms 'Lil smokies BOGO (reg. $3.99)
$1 on 2 -Sunday inserts 11/15 & 12/6

Post Cereals $1.66/each (cocoa or fruity pebbles, golden crisp, honey comb, alpha bits or Raisin Bran
$1 on 2 from 12/6 inserts
Buy 2 and Get a $1 catalina

So here is a breakdown: 2 boxes x $1.66 = $3.32 - $1 coupon from paper = $2.32, get a $1 coupon that can be used on your next order.

All Detergent $2.99
$2 off 1 -- 12/6 inserts

Hefty Plates or Bowls
BOGO (reg. $2.73).75/1 - 11/15 insert

Friday, December 11, 2009

Target -- Free Batteries -- Free Camera

FREE Batteries:

There are $1 Rayovac Batteries in the Dollar Section at Target. Go to the Rayovac Bonus site and type in the code 74016761 (copy & paste will not work) on the Rayovac Bonus site to access a PDF coupon.

FREE Disposable Camara:

There’s a new Target coupon available for $5 off any Kodak Camera. Use this on the Kodak FunSaver Disposable Camera single packs priced at $4, and you can score a couple of FREE cameras!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food Lion Matchups 12/8-12/15

PRINT THE FOOD LION COUPONS SEVERAL TIMES THE FIRST TIME. WHEN THE PRINT QUE POPS UP AND ASKS HOW MANY YOU WANT TO PRINT -- select the number you want then. You can only use one per transaction of the same FLIP (Food Lion Internet Printable), but the meat and produce coupons are awsome so you want extras on hand.

Couple that coupon with the Chuck Roast that's on sale for a great deal. I got a 3+ lb chuck roast for $4.xx

When the Food Lion coupons say $2 on $10, the $10 is the regular price, not the sale price. So here's what it looked like 3.11 lbs x $3.29lb = $10.23 reg. price, $6.15 sale price - $2 = $4.15 for over 3 lbs.

$2 on $6 Produce - PRINT THIS A BUNCH OF TIMES
These are like gold because you don't often get discounts on produce. Here is a scenario for you:

2 lbs Bananas = $1.16
1 -4lb bag of Oranges (reg. $4.99), sale price $2.50
= $3.66 - $2 = $1.66

Tombstone Pizza BOGO $2.70 sale price
$2 Ice House on any brand pizza coupon

Tostitos Chips (Sale $3)
$1 on 1 Tear Pads (found in beer aisle -- certain states only)
Free Salsa wyb 2 Tostitos products Beer Tear Pad and also a Peelie on some Tostitos

I used all 3 coupons together yesterday and wound up with 2 Chips and 1 Salsa for $3. If you don't have the Salsa coupon, then you can get the chips for $1 each if you do seperate transactions.

Food Lion Drinking Water 24 bottles (Sale $2.99)

General Mills Cookie Crisp or Cheerios BOGO

Nestle Morsels Sale $2
$1 on 2 insert coupon

Tony Pizza sale $1
$1 on 2 from 10/4 insert

Magnum Razor $2.50 MONEY MAKER
$3 off 1 Coupons

3 Day Sale

.99 Bacon

Folger's $4.97
- $1 on 1 insert q
-$1 on 2 insert q

Toaster Strudels $1.50

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Have a Winner!

If you didn't see my post the other day about the Lee Jeans 120 pair a day giveaway, then you need to sign-up now. One of my local friends won a pair! Here's the sign up. You gotta be on Facebook.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Target Coupons

In my post immediately before this one, I mentioned that you could get some coupons from Target's website. They have changed things a bit there and there are some quirks with it. So if those coupons don't come up the first time you pull up the coupons, pick one coupon from the ones that do come up and print it, then if you go back to the Target coupons you should get several more coupons listed. I don't know why they are doing that now. Also, Target's site now has both Manufacturer's and Target coupons on there. So once they print, look to see which it is. Although you can use a Target and manufacturer's coupon together for 1 item, YOU CAN NOT USE 2 MANUFACTURER'S COUPONS FOR 1 ITEM.


Target is running a gift card promotion when you buy 5 Keebler Crackers, Fudge Shoppe Cookies or Cheez-it Crackers, you get a $5 Gift Card. These crackers/cookies are on sale for $2/each. So basically you pay $10, get $5 Gift card back, so its like getting them for $1 each. But use the coupons below and save even more. Here are the products that I know are included:

Cheez - it crackers
Fudge Shoppe Cookies
Scooby Snacks (scan these to make sure)
Keebler Townhouse Crackers
Keebler Flipsides Crackers (go here for $1/2 Flipsides )
Keebler Club Crackers

.55 any Keebler Cookie (FIRE FOX ONLY LINK)

Go to to get $1 off 2 Fudge Shoppe Cookies and $.75/1 Cheez-it coupon and $.75 off 1 Toppers (not sure if this is part of the deal)

Finally, there is a $1 off 3 Keebler Cookies coupon here. WHILE THERE, print the $1 off Swiss Miss coupon. This coupon makes it FREE. I was able to print it twice.


Food Lion is giving away the following:

FREE Folgers Gourmet Selections Coffee, 11-12 Ounce Bag (5.00 value)
FREE Nestle Morsels, 10-12 Ounce Bag (2.00 value)
FREE 7Up 2 liter or Canada Dry 2 liter (1.59 value)

All you have to do is text to 467-467 and type in the word Coffee. You need your MVP # with you.

They text you back questions, so there will be about 6 or 7 text messages involved. So if you don't have a text plan, this might not be for you.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


O.k. who can pass up free jeans? Lee Jeans is giving away 120 pairs of jeans a day until the end of the year. You have to be on facebook, though. Go here to sign-up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November Grocery Spending: $37/week for a family of 5!!!

This past November I spent $230 on groceries, not including alcohol. I sent in for $84 in food rebates, which breaks down to roughly $37/week for all 5 of us to eat! Not bad.

Martin's $5 off $50

I was hoping Martins would do another Meat coupon, but we have a $5 off $50 here.

Food Lion Deals 12/2 - 12/8

I have listed Food Lion's sale items in bold with their sales prices listed. Below each are coupons you can use to make these better.

Kelloggs Corn Flakes/Apple Jacks/Fruit Loops/Rice Krispies/Corn Pops $1.99
$1 off 1 Fruit Loops Home mailer
$1 off 1 Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops Blinkie
$1 off 1 (certain varieties) 11/8 Red Plum

Folgers $5.99
$1 on 1 -- 11/8 Red Plum (EXPIRES 12/5)

Food Lion Shredded Cheese 2 for $4
$1 off 2 FLIP

Deer Park 8 Pack Aquapod BOGO reg. $2.79
$1 on 1 peelie
$1 on 2 home mailer

Dole Pineapples $1 (use both coupons below on 3 and get them for .33/each)
$1 on 3 insert coupon
$1 on 2 FLIP

Snuggle $3
$1.50 on 1

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $1.66
.40/1 - 11/15 insert
.40 IP
.75 off wyb eggs peelie

Nestle Cookie Dough $2
$1 Peelie
$1 on 1 insert coupon
$1.50 or $1 IP

Tyson Chicken $4.99
$3 off Tyson Chicken wyb 16 oz Hidden Valley Dressing Tear Pad (the dressing at my store is $3.15, so this is kind of a wash)
$2 off 1 inside some Tyson Chicken packages

Clemenitines $3.49
$1 off 1 FLIP


Diamond Pecans $7.25
$3 off 2 insert coupon (if you buy 10, they would be $4.75/lb which is less than 1/2 price)

Pompeian Olive Oil, Cooking Wine, Vinegar (prices vary)
$1 on 1 Olive Oil IP$.50 on Cooking Wine IP

Sunsweet Prunes $1.79 -- Possible money maker -- good filler
.55/1 Booklet
$1 on 2 -- 11/15 Sunday Supplement coupon (if you have 5 of these, they would be .29/each) great gifts for grandparents--- LOL

King Arthur Flour $3.39 (why is this so expensive?)
$1 on 2 -- 11/8 Sunday Supplement (after coupon and $10 on 10 savings, these would be $1.89 each)

Craisins $3.99
$1 on 1 Peelies and Found in Package

Jolly Time $1.99
$1 on 1 IP (After Coupon and Instant Savings = FREE)
If you bought 10 of these and only had 2 Internet coupons, it would cost you $7.90)

Fruit2O $2.50
.55 IP (makes these .95 each after coupon and $10/10 instant savings)

Welch's Sparkling Juice $2.99
$1 on 1 -- 11/15 insert (makes these .99 after coupon and $10/10 instant savings)