Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food Lion Matchups 12/8-12/15

PRINT THE FOOD LION COUPONS SEVERAL TIMES THE FIRST TIME. WHEN THE PRINT QUE POPS UP AND ASKS HOW MANY YOU WANT TO PRINT -- select the number you want then. You can only use one per transaction of the same FLIP (Food Lion Internet Printable), but the meat and produce coupons are awsome so you want extras on hand.

Couple that coupon with the Chuck Roast that's on sale for a great deal. I got a 3+ lb chuck roast for $4.xx

When the Food Lion coupons say $2 on $10, the $10 is the regular price, not the sale price. So here's what it looked like 3.11 lbs x $3.29lb = $10.23 reg. price, $6.15 sale price - $2 = $4.15 for over 3 lbs.

$2 on $6 Produce - PRINT THIS A BUNCH OF TIMES
These are like gold because you don't often get discounts on produce. Here is a scenario for you:

2 lbs Bananas = $1.16
1 -4lb bag of Oranges (reg. $4.99), sale price $2.50
= $3.66 - $2 = $1.66

Tombstone Pizza BOGO $2.70 sale price
$2 Ice House on any brand pizza coupon

Tostitos Chips (Sale $3)
$1 on 1 Tear Pads (found in beer aisle -- certain states only)
Free Salsa wyb 2 Tostitos products Beer Tear Pad and also a Peelie on some Tostitos

I used all 3 coupons together yesterday and wound up with 2 Chips and 1 Salsa for $3. If you don't have the Salsa coupon, then you can get the chips for $1 each if you do seperate transactions.

Food Lion Drinking Water 24 bottles (Sale $2.99)

General Mills Cookie Crisp or Cheerios BOGO

Nestle Morsels Sale $2
$1 on 2 insert coupon

Tony Pizza sale $1
$1 on 2 from 10/4 insert

Magnum Razor $2.50 MONEY MAKER
$3 off 1 Coupons

3 Day Sale

.99 Bacon

Folger's $4.97
- $1 on 1 insert q
-$1 on 2 insert q

Toaster Strudels $1.50

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