Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kmart Trip

I made my first trip to Kmart today for their $3 doubling. I got all of this for $13.xx. My receipt said that I saved $46 in coupons. Here is the breakdown:

2 boxes Rice Krispies (.25/each)

2 boxes Hershey's Snackers (.50/each)

1 Electrosol (free)

1 Pack of gum (free)

Emory boards (free)

3 - 60 count bottles of kids vitamins (.89/each)

2 bottles of shampoo (.29/each)

2 Men's body wash bottles (free)

1 96 load bottle of All detergent ($7)

The merchandise was very picked over. However, they did say that they get a truck daily, so I will try again later this week. Hope you find other good deals.

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