Sunday, January 18, 2009

CVS This Week

If you haven't already bought the throat coolers (see earlier CVS post) do that so that you can get $10 of ecbs for $5 out of pocket.

This week CVS has their brand of Clariton free after ecbs. The regular cost is $3.79. Their limit is 2 free. Allergy season is coming fast.

I also saw that Cottonelle is still printing ecbs. 20 pack double rolls of Cottonelle are $13 and you get back $4 ecbs. Go here and print a .50 off coupon first: Again, if you haven't already bought the throat coolers, do that first. Then you can use those ecbs on Cottonelle along with the .50 coupon and get them for $2.50 out of pocket and receive back $4 ecbs. The limit on the Cottonelle is 5 and this is good through 2/4/09.

There is one more money maker at CVS this month. It is Nasogel. The regular price is 7.99. It is free after ecbs, limit 2. Here is a $2 off coupon for it: Print 2.

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