Friday, January 16, 2009

My Big Shopping Trip!

All this for only $14.xx out of pocket after coupons and rebates.
This is what I got:
14 Digiorno Pizzas ($5 off 2 coupons)
1 Jennie-o boneless turkey breast
4 boxes of Electrosol
1 pack of gum
1 bottle of baby lotion
1 bottle of baby wash
1 - bag of grapes
1- container of mushrooms
1- package of margerine
1 - pack of gum
I was thrilled. I sent in 2 beer rebates (for the pizza purchases), 1 rebate for the turkey breast and my single check rebate from Rite Aid for 1 of the Electrosol purchases.
I will try to get some deals out to you this weekend and include some highlights for next week.

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