Monday, March 16, 2009

Printer Paper for $1

If you have been printing coupons the way I do, you are probably in need of some printer/copier paper. This week Staples has a promotion to get Hammermill Paper SKU #122408 for $1 after instant savings and easy rebate, limit 2. Don't be afraid of the rebate. It is very simple, just go to Staples, buy 2 reams of paper, visit Staples website and enter some information from your receipt. It is very easy.
They are running some other $1 promotions that you may be interested too, but I didn't think some of them were so hot. They do have photo paper for $1 after easy rebate and a free pen (I missed that, I might have to go back).

While you are at Staples if you haven't already signed up as a Staples Rewards Member (you need this anyway for this deal), sign up. As a member, you sometimes receive special discounts, but more importantly you receive a quarterly check (to be spent at Staples) based on your purchases. Also, if you are not already familiar with recycling your printer cartridges, now is the time to learn. Staples reimburses you $3 for every used printer cartridge you give them. You receive this reimbursement on your quarterly check.
Since my husband once worked for Staples and didn't like it much, I don't mind robbing them blind. LOL.

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