Sunday, March 15, 2009

Martin's Highlights (3/15 - 3/21)

Here are some highlights from the Martin's ad this week:

-First of all there are six .50 coupon triplers on the front of the ad (you must have that ad to participate). Where over all this is a good thing, Martin's policies are tricky, be sure to read the fine print (I can't because it is too small online). I am sure there is a minimum dollar amount to be spent in order to use them.
- Martins has a deal to spend $20 on certain items and get a $10 coupon back to spend on your next order. This is a great deal if you use these products. You could buy 8 Breyers, for example, and spend $20.72 and get back $10. I don't stock pile ice cream, however, in my house.
-London Broil is on sale for $1.99, combine with this coupon for a really good deal:

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