Sunday, April 12, 2009

Martins Highlights (4/12 -4/19)!!!

-- Grapes are .99/lb if you pair that with the produce coupon below ($2/$5), you're getting a great bargain.

$2 off $5 produce (expires 4/15):

--London Broil is on sale for $1.79/lb, combine that with either of the coupons below (they may even be stackable - not sure yet), for an awsome deal:

$2 off $5 meat purchase:

$5 meat purchase (this Q expires 3 days after the one above)

--Martin's brand cheese is $1.33/each

--Barilla Pasta is on sale for $1.09 this week. If you have .50/1 picollini coupon from the sunday inserts a couple of weeks ago, this would be .09/each.

--Barilla Pasta Sauce is $1.89. If you have the $.55 coupon from a couple of weeks ago, this would be $.89/each.

Last week, Martin's had $1 doublers. The problem is that it seems that they are hard to come by anymore. My friend Angela, told me that she went to get the Post Trail Mix cereal and it was gone. So she asked if she could use the coupon on another Post cereal and they said sure. Then she complimented them on their customer service and said she wasn't able to get any dollar doublers. So they doubled her coupons without the doublers. So it pays to be curtious and to ask for what you want. A lot of times you will get it.

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