Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS Deals (6/7 - 6/13)

All of the deals below can be made better by using the following resources, if you have them, for coupons:
--P&G Year in Savings booklet, this was a promotion in January.
--$30 Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet. I posted this a couple of weeks ago, you can still order one here.
--Today's P&G Newspaper Insert

Swiffer/Febreze Deals:

Buy $10 of Swiffer/Febreze products get $5 ecbs, limit 2. You can combine these with a number of coupons to make better deals. There are a number of coupons out for these products. Here are some printables. If you ordered your Home Made Simple $30 of coupons that I posted a couple of weeks back there are coupons in there too. There are also coupons in the P&G Year in Savings book, if you have that one.

Free Gillette Razor:

These are on sale for 7.99 - $4 coupon in todays paper = $3.99, get back $4 in ecbs

Dawn Dish Liquid:

On sale 2 for $2, get back $1 ecbs. There are .25 coupons in todays inserts, but there are also .50 coupons in the Home Made Simple $30 coupon book and in the P&G Year in Savings Book. If you have 2 - $.50 coupons these would be free after ecbs.


Always are 2 for $6, get $2 ecbs back. I have $1 off coupons from my P&G Year in Savings Booklet (part of a promotion in January). So they would be $1/each for me.

Colgate Toothbrushes:

Spend $10, get $5 in ecbs. Some people have .75 off Colgate Toothbrushes. I do not, but if you have 5 of those coupons you could get your toothbrushes for .25/each.

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