Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food Lion Steals

The Produce $2/$5 FLIP (Food Lion Internet Printable) coupon is still the highlight this week. The way those types of coupons work is that the $5 amount is the pre-sale price. So if you buy something that is on sale for half price you could buy $2.50 worth at the sale price, use the coupon and walk out with $5 worth of produce for .50. Here are some picks for this week:

--2.6lbs of Peaches - $2.60 - $2 coupon = .60

--2 packages of Strawberries/black berries/rasberries - $4 - $2 = $2

--2.6 lbs of Zuccinni or squash - $3.35 - $2 = $1.35

Chips Ahoy is BOGO and there are .55 coupons out there, so you could get 2 for $2.79.

All Detergent is BOGO regularly $5.19, go here for $1 off Small & Mighty, print two and get 2 bottles for $3.19. There were also .40 coupons in a recent insert for All. In addition, there was a FLIP for free Clorox when you buy 2 All 2x (not the Small & Mighty) detergent. So if you had 2 - .40 coupons and the FLIP for Clorox, you could get all three products for $4.39. Figure out the deal that works best for you. You may want to do both.

Oscar Mayer Hotdogs are BOGO, if these include the all Beef kind and you ordered your coupon a couple of weeks back when I told you too, you could get 2 packages for free. There were also $1 off coupons in the Kraft Magazine, which would make them cheap. Don't get the Kraft Magazine? Go here and sign-up, its free.

Pillsbury Brownie Mix is BOGO, regular price is $1.97. I have a $1 off 2 insert coupon, so my price would be .97 for 2

Hamburger Helper is BOGO, regular price is $1.99. Use this .80 off of 3 and get 3 boxes for $2.19.

Kraft Barbeque Sauce will be BOGO again, regular price is $1.39. There are insert coupons out for either $1 off 2 or .75/1. Either way this makes it cheap. I just think the 26 bottles I have is enough right now. LOL

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