Thursday, October 9, 2008

Internet Couponing 101

I have been couponing since I started shopping for myself at age 20. I have learned many lessons from coupons, but overall I have learned that coupons are like cash in my pocket. I have told many friends through the years about couponing, some of them took my advice, others said it was too complex. What I do know is that I consistently slash my grocery bill in half with the combination of shopping sales and using coupons and you can too.

Coupons are everywhere. It is important to start looking for them. There a internet printable (ip) coupons, coupons from Sunday paper inserts, in magazines and found in stores. Sometimes the store prints coupons as well.

Since it takes time to accumulate coupons, I will start with discussing where to find internet printable coupons. Below are several sites that you should book mark and visit often to find coupons. Also, most of these sites will allow you to print the coupons twice. Make sure your printer is ready before you print. Also, I don't generally print the coupon until shortly before I will use it, so that it doesn't expire before I use it. Here are some of the sites that I have found:

As I find more sites, I will update the list. You can also find coupons at manufacture's websites.

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