Monday, May 24, 2010

Missy's Challange

As you guys already know, I spend very little at the grocery store. However, we have had many expenses lately, as everyone does from time to time, so I am challanging myself starting Wednesday to see how far I can stretch $50 at the grocery store. This will be tough because my family consumes 5 gallons of milk a week and we eat lots of fresh produce. My garden will not be of any help until July either. However, doing this will help me balance how much I stock pile versus how much we need. I will start with $50 on Wednesday, May 26th. The only cash money I will add to it will be money that I make off of selling some of the foods I stockpile. For example, I intend to buy a lot of salad dressing on Wednesday. If I sell some of that salad dressing to friends, I will put that money back into my grocery fund.

What am I starting with? I have an ample supply of toilitries with the exception of sunscreen. I have plenty of cleaning supplies and plenty of rice/pasta and other starches. Weekly, I will have to have bread/milk/eggs and produce. I am also not fully stocked on meats either. So I will have to add some of those as well.

Let's see how far $50 will go! Will I make it 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks?

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