Friday, September 25, 2009


We received no notice for this event. Super doubles means they will be doubling coupons with face amounts upto 1.99 (so $1.50 coupon becomes $3). I won't even be able to go until Monday. Here are some details:

Here are Bloom's basic coupon event rules. They are not as strict as Harris Teeter.

1) Bloom excepts and triples/doubles IP's (although some select Blooms have given people trouble about this)
2) Bloom will triple/double 20 coupons per day. So far, as long as you close out one transaction, you can still do another transaction with the same card on the same day and still get your coupons to triple/double. I usually just ask and noone has turned me down yet.
3) Bloom triple/double upto the product's regular price (meaning you can get overages on sale items upto their regular value)

Double Deals to get you started based on their add (there are probably many more):

--Ken's Dressing BOGO (guessing the regular price is around $3)
$1 on 1 coupons will probably give you overages on this (insert coupon)
--Digiorno $5.50
$1 insert coupons = $3.50
--Coffeemate 2 for $3.32
$1 on 2 coupon = $1.32 for 2
--Birds Eye Veggies 2 for $3
$1 insert coupon = $1 for 2

I will try to add some more as I find them, but have been busy.

Don't forget the limit on BOGO items. It is usually 4 meaning you need to breakup your transactions if you are buying more than 4 of a BOGO item.

FYI - Harris Teeter is doing Super Doubles starting Wednesday 9/30 - 10/6

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