Friday, September 25, 2009

Refresher Course on Coupon Events

I have posted this information before, but I just wanted to help you prepare for coupon events

How to Shop a Doubles or Triples Event:
1) Paper clip together all duplicate coupons
2) Pull the coupons you think you may use and put them in a seperate envelope
3) Go through the store coupon by coupon and determine whether you think it is a good buy or not
4) Put the coupons you do not plan to use in another envelope to refile later
5) Triples is overwelming sometimes, try to only shop for bargains during this trip and not for your regular list. If I am not getting a steal, I don't get it.
6) If you are doing seperate transactions, seperate both your items in your cart and place the coupons you will use for each transaction in seperate envelopes or paper clips, so you are ready at the register
7) Bring small bills, sometimes your order will come to $1 or under
8) Pay close attention at the register as they scan your coupons. Do not get distracted during this time. It is always better to catch an error now.
9) If your coupon's barcode starts with a 5, it will triple even if it says "Do Not Double or Triple". It will NOT triple if it starts with a 9. I had coupons from 2 different stores blinkie machines last time and didn't realize that some started with a 9 and some with a 5, so check your bar codes.

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