Friday, October 16, 2009

Ziploc Possible Money Maker


Several stores are participating in a Ziploc Catalina deal right now. Martins, in my area is participating. That probably (not sure, though) means Giant is participating. Jewel and Acme (if anyone has either of those) are others. Sorry I don't have a better list for you. Here's the deal:

Buy 3 Ziplocks, get $2 catalina

As far as I can see the catalina runs through 11/1. Anyhow, at Martins the lowest priced Ziplocs are $2.15 x 3 = $6.45. Use a bogo coupon from a recent insert and you will bring your total down to $4.30 - $1 (.55 coupon DOUBLED from a recent insert = $3.30, get a $2 on your next order Catalina.

Then use this form to send in for $5 back when you buy 3 SC Johnson products. That form can be used 3 times (in seperate envelopes) per household. So the next transaction will look like this:

$2.15 x 3 = $6.45 - $2.15 (bogo coupon) = $4.30 - $1 (.55 coupon doubled) = $3.30 - $2 catalina (from previous order) = $1.30, get another $2 on your next order coupon, send in for another $5.

So all in all heres the breakdown:
Total Out of Pocket: $5.90 before tax
Left over Catalina: $2 (to spend on another visit)
Rebates to send in for: $15
Total amount made: $11.10 and you get 9 boxes of Ziplocs.

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