Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food Lion Macarooni & Cheese - .08/each, Tomato Soup .20/each

Now that I have your attention, it doesn't work exactly like that, but it is still an awsome deal. Here goes the details:

Food Lion is running a promotion. Whenever you buy at least 4 Food Lion brand items you will get a catalina coupon for money off your next order. You can buy upto 40 Food Lion items in one shopping trip and earn a $10 catalina. Here is what I did today:

40 Food Lion Macarooni & Cheeses x .33 each = $13.92 (I had $5.25 in catalinas - $4 of which I found in the carts in the parking lot), so I paid $8.28 out of pocket and received a $10 Catalina towards my next purchase

23 Food Lion Tomato Soups (Chicken Noodle is also on sale) x .45 = $10.36 - $10 catalina from first transaction = .36, and I received a $5.75 catalina for my next order.

Food Lion has some other deals going on also. Here are some highlights:

Alpo Dog Food 17.6 pound bag BOGO (reg. $11.99). You can go here and get a coupon for $1.00 off after getting a quote for pet insurance. Enter code b3bnb. After they give you the quote DO NOT apply for a policy, but rather request the quote be emailed to you and when they do you will get a link for a bricks coupon. I was able to print it twice.

Tombstone Pizzas are BOGO (reg. $4.99), but one for $2.49 and use the Food Lion coupon here for $1 off. You can print that coupon several times the first time you go to print it by selecting the number of copies you want. HOWEVER, you may only use one per transaction.

I am sure there are more deals, but those are the best that I have found so far and I am short on time. I have some other goodies to post later, so make sure you check back!

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