Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Few Goodies!!!

$10 coupon for Lowes:
I have raved about Lowes' kids clinics many times on this blog( But you should go this weekend. I can't promise anything, but last year when we went for their Mother's Day and Father's Day projects, they gave us coupons for $10 off our next purchase per kid. I have 3 kids, so that is worth $30 for me. There was a minimum requirement on the coupon, but I can't remember if it was $25 or $50.

While I am on the subject, I have found multiple coupons for $5 on a $25 purchase at True Value Hardware. I have found them in magazines and news papers. Lowes and Home Depot both honor competitor's coupons. I used one just this week at Lowes.

Again, I have raved about Bloom triples many times on my blog. My friend Angela asked the Marshall, VA store today if they would be tripling soon. The store manager pulled an ad for next week and confirmed that starting Friday, May 15th, that store will be tripling coupons. Usually when that store triples, so do the other Northern Virginia stores. So get your coupons ready and maybe order some from e-bay. But check your ad next week before you make a trip out.

Free Chocolate:
Starting on May 8th, Mars is giving away coupons for free Mars item of your choice. Go here:

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