Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rite Aid Update -- Please Read

When I posted yesterday about the Rite Aid deals, I was relying on an ad scan from another area. Today when I looked online at my circular, it did not list the Schick Quatro as being on sale. However, it does list that you will receive a $3 SCR.

So today when I went to do this deal (please read my post just prior to this one for the full details), the Razor was actually $8.99 and not $7.99. So My out of pocket for the items I listed in my other post was actually $1 and not FREE. Also, the Schick Quatro 4 count refills are actually close to $12 (you still get the $3 SCR, though), so the razor is the better deal. Sorry for the confusion, but sometimes when you get an early preview from somebody else, you have to expect that the ad may actually vary.

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