Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bringing Home the FREE Bacon and more!!!

Free Bacon:

Go to and sign up for their newsletter (you can always cancel your sign-up later or use an alternate e-mail address for the news letter) for a $3 off 1 Smithfield Bacon Coupon. It is good for 2 months after printing. It only let me print one, but usually you can print two of these types of coupons, so hit back a few times and see if it will let you print more.

This week at Martin's this Bacon is on sale for $2.50, so in theory this will be a money maker!

$15 P&G Coupon Booklet:

Go here and sign up for a $15 P&G Coupon booklet. This is from a store called Save-A-Lot's website. Not sure if they will be valid everywhere or not, but it is worth a shot.


Sun - Wed. Only:
Staples has a number of school supplies for .50 this week. These may or may not be a good deal for you. But what is a good deal is that they have Copy Paper (again) for .50 after instant savings and easy rebate, limit 2. They also have spiral notebooks for .15/each. Not quite as good as they had them a few weeks ago at .01/each.


If you haven't asked your pharmacist about Ready Fill, yet do it soon. The $4/$20 coupons that you get when you ask, expire next week. Then get your pre-coupon total to over $20, and give them this coupon first.

Glade reed diffuser or 4.9-10 oz soy candles are $6.99, get $6.99 in ecbs. This becomes a money maker if you have the $3 coupon from August's All You magazine. There is also a $2 coupon on page 134 of this month's All You magazine. Or go here and print a $2 coupon.

They have several other ecb deals this week, but no more free items.

Food Lion:

I posted a few days ago a coupon for $5 off $20 meat coupon. Until Tuesday the Ground Chuck is on sale for $1.68 (I believe the regular price is $3.09). If my regular price is right, then you can get 6.5lbs for a sale price of $10.92 - $5 coupon = $5.92. The $20 amount on the coupon is the pre-sale price. YOUR PRE-SALE PRICE MUST EXCEED $20 and this does not include meat markdowns for quick sale. Since most of the cashiers don't really understand this, don't call attention to it, just put it in with the rest of your order. It only confuses the ones who don't know.

If you feel I am sending you all over town to get the best deals, then you need to plan your weeks. For example, I have Target/Walmart and Staples on one side of town and Food Lion/Rite Aid/CVS/Martins on another side of town. I plan my trips together. If it seems like a lot of deals are going in one week, I will take a piece of scrap paper and write the names of each of the stores I want to go to and put my lists under each heading and attach my coupons. Then, when I am close to that store, I can do my shopping. Also keep in mind that it has been literally months since I have shopped at Costco (maybe last Christmas). That trip alone is 25 miles for me each way, so I feel that staying close to home to run errands saves gas that way.

At a quick glance, I didn't see any great deals at Target or Rite Aid, but if I find any, I will post them.

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