Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food Lion Coupons

I am not doing matchups this time. I have been sick and am trying to catch up on other things, however, for those of you who usually get coupons, they first ones didn't work yesterday (foodlion had a glitch), so here are the new coupons:

Guiding Stars coupon good through 9/1. This is good on anything with a nutritional value. Since we drink enough milk that we could have our own cow, I have been using it on that. Print as many as you can use the first time you go to print.

Coupons expire 8/22:
Coupons #1
$1/2 FL potato chips
$1/$5 Butcher Brand Beef
$1/1 FL peanut butter
FREE 15oz can of Chef Boyardee wyb 1 gal. of Hawaiian Punch

Coupons #2
$1 tostitios
$1/3 smart options
$1 skippy pb
chef boyardee

Deals after the above coupons:

Food Lion Potato Chips = .50/each

Smart Options Pizzas (buy 4 to get the $3 pre-mvp minimum) = 4/$1

Food Lion Peanut butter = .66/each

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