Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Food Lion Trip Today!

O.k. first of all I am bummed that I missed Harris Teeter's triples this week. So I went to Food Lion and made up my own sale.

On this first picture I spent $20.34 and am sending in a rebate for $20. That is right, I am getting virtually all my money back on that one. I found my rebate for these items on the School Bus display at my Food Lion, but you can order one from here.

On this picture, I spent $8.10 and I am sending in a rebate for $10. That is right, on this one I am making a small amount of money. This rebate is the Kelloggs Fuel For School Rebate that was in the paper a few weeks ago. Again, you can get yours from here. Scroll to the very bottom right hand side.

Of course, I was able to get my totals lower for both of these deals by using coupons too.

My last transaction was not really as lucrative, but I had to get several items. My total grocery bill spent on this one was $26, but I got a lot of produce, a gallon of milk, 4 Kraft Singles, 1 Mott's Apple Sauce 6-packs, more tissues and a big thing of vinegar (we are making pickles from our garden).

I also made a very frugal dinner tonight which cost us $1.06 total, which fed my entire family with left overs. We had ratatoulle from the fresh veggies in my garden (free), Wild Rice (free at Bloom triples a few months back) and a 2lb package of bone-in chicken which I bought for $1.06 last week at Food Lion.

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