Friday, July 31, 2009

Check Out these Kraft Promotions

$55 in Kraft Savings:

Go here and sign-up to get your $55 in Savings booklet. Part of the book is a 20 rebate for buying 20 participating Kraft items. The other $35 is in coupons. I also found these booklets in the freezer section at my Food Lion today (Thanks Fran for telling me to look there).

$25 in Kraft products Free (August 7th - August 23):

This next promotion is store specific and the only store in my area that is included is Shopper's Food Warehouse. However, to get $25 worth of free Food, I probably will make a trip there. The way it works is when you buy $25 worth of participating items, a $5 coupon off your next purchase will print at the register and a $20 rebate form will print at the register (then you have to mail in the form and your receipt for reimbursement). Since Shoppers is a drive for me, I will do a second transaction to spend my $5 on my next purchase for items I need. Here are the details.

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