Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food Lion Steals (7/22-7-28)

Remember you can only send the Food Lion Coupons to the printer once, however, the print que will ask you how many copies you would like to print, BE SURE YOU SELECT THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU WANT the first time you print them.
I will list the new coupons first, then tell you the deals I found.
$1 on Kelloggs Cereal
$2 on Starbucks
$2 on 2 Food Lion Pasta Sauces
$2 on 3 2-liter bottles of Food Lion Soda
$1 on Food Lion Cereal
$2 on Starbucks
$2 on 2 Ragu Pasta Sauces
$2 on 3 2 liter bottles of Food Lion Soda
Coupon Set #3, expire 8/25
(I have posted these before, but you need these for again)
Go here and choose FL Private Brand FLIPs for an a different FL cereal coupon. These are in pdf format, so they can be printed as many times as you want to.
Coupon Set #4, expire 7/25
Now onto the deals:
Food Lion Cereal .49 or less
There are now 2 coupons you can use for Food Lion Cereal, one from Coupon Set #2 and one from Coupon Set #3. They should both scan without beeping because they are different, however, if you get an unfriendly cashier they may not take both. Make sure you print enough of each for each transaction you will do in the next 2 weeks. Most of the cereal is $2.49, some of the Food Lion Cereal has been on sale for under $2, making this a possible money maker.
Kelloggs Cereal
Some Kelloggs Cereal is BOGO this week. I am not sure of the regular price, but if you buy 1 it shouldn't be more than about $2.25. Use the coupon from Coupon Set #3 and pay $1.25/each
Food Lion Pasta Sauce .38/each
I believe the Food Lion Pasta Sauce is regularly $1.38. Use the coupon from Coupon Set #1 and get 2 for .76.
Don't forget last week's produce coupon is still good this week. When they have a $2 off of $5 worth of produce, the $5 amount is pre-sale price. So if something is on sale for 1/2 price, you can buy $5 worth of pre-sale price amount and pay $2.50 - $2 coupon = .50. You can find it here. Here are some matchups for it:
Peaches, regularly $1.99, sale .99 - Buy 2.6 lbs = $2.60 - $2 coupon = .60
Blue Berries BOGO, regularly $3.99 - Buy 2 = $3.99 - $2 - $1.99/2
or do this:
1 Blue Berry - $1.99
.6lbs Peaches - .60 = $2.59 - $2 = .59 for all of that
Zuccini regular $1.89, sale $1.29 - Buy 2.7lbs = $3.48 - $2 = $1.48
Use the 3/10 Deli FLIP from here for the following deal:
Buy 2.75lbs of Hormel Ham (it is bogo this week)
Regular price would be $10.97, Sale Price is $5.49 - $3 coupon = $2.49 for 2.75lbs of ham!
Arm & Hamer Detergent $1.50/each
It is BOGO this week for $4.99/2. Use 2 of this coupon for $1.50/each
Free Soft Soap
It is on sale for $1 this week. Go to and enter zipcode 45435 (left hand side of the screen near the top) and print 2 of the $1 off Softsoap coupons.

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