Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you eat Organic or Whole Foods?

My very dear friend, Tami, has pointed out that most of my posts are for products she doesn't use. I am aware of this. I know people who eat a whole foods diet and organic diet miss out on a lot of my deals. So, being the very resourceful friend that she is, she found some sites for coupons for organic products. Below are her recommendations and some others I found.

1) Mambosprouts. Go here for printable coupons and while you are there, sign-up for tri-annual coupon books sent right to your home.

2) Healthesavers. Go here for more printable coupons.

3) Earthbound Farms. Sign-up here for their annual newsletter which comes with coupons.

4) Stoneyfield Farms. Sign-up here for printable coupons.

5) Kashi. Go here and join the Kashi Community. They have sent me coupons in the past for free products sometimes.

6) Horizon Organic Milk. Go here. I am not sure what or how you get the coupons because either their site wasn't working or my computer wasn't working when I tried to load it. But at the top of the web page is a link labeled "coupons". I hope you have better luck.

7) Laura's Lean Beef. Go here and sign-up to print an instant $1 off coupon.

If there are other companies for which you buy their products, but do not see coupons, visit their website and send an e-mail asking for coupons. I always start by telling them how wonderful their product is and how much my family enjoys it. Then I explain that with the high cost of food these days, any coupons that they could provide would be greatly appreciated. I have received many coupons for free products this way. From what I understand you can do this about once a year per company.

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