Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frugal Tip of the Day!

This year my husband and I started a garden. We enjoy raising a garden for several reasons. First it is frugal (this year will be a wash, since we had to put up a fence to keep the deer out). Also, we love to get fresh, organic vegetables from it.

Although it is too late for you to start a garden now, it is not too late to think about your springtime planting for next year. I have several flowers planted in pots around my house that I started from seeds this past March (I should have started them in February) and now is the time to harvest seeds from the flowers for next year. Seeds are found in the center of the flowers. Once the flower dies, take the seeds and put them in a bowl until they are dried out, then put them in envelopes marked with what type they are. Envelopes are better to use than ziplock bags because the air can still circulate through the envelope. You can do this with vegetable plants too, if you choose.

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