Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food Lion Shopping List (7/29 - 8/4)

Sorry this post is squashed together. I have tried to edit it 3 times to put space between each item and for some reason, it is not allowing me this morning.
Here's my Food Lion list this week:
1) Deli Turkey Breast is BOGO, regular price is $5.49, get 2 lbs = Regular price $10.98, sale price is $5.49 - $3/$10 Deli Coupon found here = $2.49 for 2lbs. When Food Lion has coupons like this, the $10 amount is pre-mvp price.
2) FL Milk $1.99, after using this coupon (which is actually good on anything with a guiding stars rating (is basically anything with a nutritional value)), that purchase counts towards my buy 6 gallons, get one free.
3) Use the Home 360 Coupon found here under the title FL Private Brand FLIPs, to get free tissues. I know this will be popular for back to school, but please don't buy them all before I get there.
--Use these coupons for the below deals. Remember to select the number of prints you need the very first time you pull them up. ($2 off Tide, $1 off 2 loaves of bread, $1 off Hi-C, $1 off Food Lion Oatmeal):
4) Food Lion Oatmeal, small containers (not sure of the price) - $1 coupon above.
5) Food Lion Sandwich Bread .99/each - $1 coupon above = $1 for 2 loaves
6) Ragu 45oz Jars, Sale Price $2, buy 2 = $4 - this $2 coupon = $2 - this $1 coupon = $1/2 large jars of sauce. The second coupon is in Spanish, but it scans fine and I have used it without problems.

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